25 March 2017

100 day challenged of 2017! / Day # 33

Things are going great! I'm currently weighing in around 270 lbs, which means I've lost about 10-15 lbs this year and most of it during this 100-day challenge. And I'm 30+lbs down from my highest weight ever.

Last time I had the pleasure to see this number was.. 2013 when I was on my big weight-loss journey. Jajajaja! Super happy! Feeling great! My size 18 (US) / 48 (EU) shirts-pants already fit me and 85DD bra, yayayaya! In comparison, at my highest ever I was wearing size 24/26 (US) / 54/56 /EU and bra 100/105 E. I'm glad not to be there anymore and ... to be feeling so much more energetic and healthy! And shit guys, I'm turning 30 in no time. Its about time I got myself together again.

I've been not feeling like blogging much though. Rather spending the time outside walking my endless kilometers or cooking or sleeping. But I'll try to do a little summary soon to tell all about the eating plan I've been following, share few recipes, tell about my training plan and maybe even share few bodypics. I think the last progress pics I had were in 2013.. So its about time, right? Let's see. April, perhaps?;)

My body is in need of a lot of toning though. In 2013 I was more toned up at 270lbs. I have not found the motivation to be going regularly to gym, and that sucks. But at least I'm walking and swimming a lot. That counts. I just need to get my s*** together and find motivation inside me to be back in gym, as I was in 2013. But.. weight is going down and loose skin will be a problem. I remember that. So for now I'm also keep dry-massaging and scrubbing my body, oiling it up well and all that. But You know.. better the loose skin than these many many unhealthy pounds on me. I love my body as it is now, I will love it with loose skin, too!

20 March 2017

100 day challenged of 2017! / Day # 28


Here's little results of the last 4 weeks:

Weight: -2,5 kg
Clothes size: from squeezy 50/52 to 48/50
Bra: from 100 DD to 95 DD
Hip: -4 cm
Waist: -6 cm (!)
Under-bust: -3,5 cm
Bust: -5,5 cm
Neck: -1 cm
Bicep: -0,5 cm
Hand: -0,5 cm
Thigh: -3 cm
Shank: -1 cm

Yes, things are going very well!

12 March 2017

100 day challenge of 2017! / Day #21

I'm on day 21 of my 100 day challenge. Things are going good, I'm FEELING good and healthy and energetic, I'm sleeping some 7-8 h/day deeply and am waking up every day earlier and earlier. I'm sticking to my eating plan and I've been walking A LOT. Like 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and even 12 km days! I'm quite proud of myself and it feels like proper exercise. 

The cm-s on body are going down, but weight is very much stuck and showed going UP today even that I've been sticking to the eating plan and moving a lot. So now as 21 days have passed on this eating plan, I've decided to continue with eating plan suggested meals and portions to the extend of following through also on calories side. The eating plan doesn't offer calories, it calculates everything for You, but I think this might not be working well enough for me. 

With exercising 3-5 x week, I'm allowed 3197 cal/day to maintain or 2697 cal/day to loose 0,5 kg per week or 2197 cal/day to loose 1 kg per week. Let's try if this will get the scale moving down! (Used calculator.net and checked with authoritynutrition.com). So let's see, where I'm at within a week, another two weeks and then three weeks. 

But even that the weight number keeps going up and down and up and down heavily on the scale, I am really feeling so much better and I know I'm eating well and healthy, so this is already a big good step towards being healthy me.

02 March 2017

100 day challenge of 2017! / Day #10

All good and keeping on going! Snowy sunny winter days that we had for the last few weeks (blissful!) are now turning into a wet spring. Nevertheless, walking some 8 km per day and keeping to my meal plan. Means lots and lots of cooking, lots of new recipes and lots of calories counting, haha.

Feeling lighter though. Good first 10 days!

24 February 2017

100 day challenge of 2017! / Day #5

Hey there!

Woke up feeling.. lighter. The knowledge of moving around more and eating healthy, is making me feel better, and more motivated. Going with my eating plan hasn't shown weight loss YET though. Its moving around the same figure and I'm waiting to break it.. I remember when I lost bigger amount of weight few years back, the first few weeks or even a month, my weight also kept sort of stuck and then boom, it started going down and going down fast. Maybe its the same thing. And maybe I should be exercising much much more..;)

It's been snowing, blizzard and all, so we have been walking quite a bit in the last days, enjoying the fresh snow. On Wednesday we did a 4-5 km walk, yesterday we hit the forest for 6-7 km and today we took our little niece and enjoyed a long stroll in the zoo. After a late lunch with buckwheat pancakes, I'm packing to go to the pool and gym for a quick one, even that already the walk today got me 800 kcal of energy loss. Another 500-1000 kcal at gym would be quite good, right?;)

I've started using my Platinet heart rate monitor again too. It motivates, for sure. Numbers have always been my thing. It doesn't keep track of my all-day activities, but I do use it for exercise and it helps me keep in the fat burning heart rate levels and show calories lost. I do wish it would show distances and/or steps too, but for the 25 EUR I spent on it, it has been more than enough, and its waterproof too and buying something more expensive, feels unnecessary.

I think tomorrow I'll try to join one of the aqua group trainings and get 10 km walk done. That would be superb!

I'm not too motivated to be training in the gym yet though. I feel I'm too weak for it. I still remember too well, how fit I was when I was going to gym few years back and knowing that I need to start from zero, is a bit of a drag. Oh la la.

The eating programme I'm following, is quite neat. Its concrete: here's Your meal plan for the day / week and gives options to replace some items, so its flexible enough to put it to match with my low GI and PCOS needs/self-limitations. The programme doesn't show the calories or the food group balances, so for the time being, I insert all the data also to a calories counting system, to make sure, food groups are balanced and that the calories amount eaten / moved / the deficite, are in good balance and to balance out again the exact formula that suits me the best. I think it helps a lot to see those numbers behind to be able to analyse in future, why sometimes weight gets stuck or why it moves down faster and so on. Again, I'm a numbers person..

We're celebrating Estonian Republic's 99th birthday today, so something sweet tonight will be in the cards, too:

I've adapted the recipte to the max. Eggs, coconut flour, berries, coconut cream, quark (kohupiim), stevia, vanilla. Sounds good, right?;)

Yesterday I also did avocado chocolate mousse, which was simply PERFECT and so healthy, so healthy.. Trying out new recipes and spending more time in kitchen, is by far the best while on the road of weight loss and being healthy. At the moment I also have enough time for it. 

Anyway, off to the pool and gym now! Or if not gym, then pool for sure!

22 February 2017

100 day challenge of 2017! / Day #3

This picture was made on 1st of January 2017 at the Western-most point of mainland Europe. I threw this stone as faaaar as possible off to the Atlantic Ocean and hoped that 2016 and its sadness and worries would never repeat themselves again!

Hey there!

Uh, it's been a while and oh how many times I've come here to start writing and half-way done, simply close the draft. And so, the months have been passing and a lot has happened meanwhile.

2016 was a badass shi* year. I suffered from severe depression both in fall 2015 and in spring 2016 - in such bad severity for the first time in my life. The whole 2015-2016 was a workaholic year as well, which really didn't help. I challenged myself in many ways and achieved amazing things career wise, but also by the time that holidays arrived in late summer, I was dead inside and outside.. I was burned out, tired, exhausted. So in fall I took some time off from my work and travelled a lot. During those months of travels, I lost and gained, and lost again weight. I felt good and bad. I felt sad and happy. I fell again into depression, slept a lot, swam every now and then, walked many many kilometres and tried different foods and saw many places. And mainly - shut down my mind, for a while. A lot happened with my family during this time too and that did not help.

But I don't want to reflect on those last 6 months too much. It was a time of being quiet and solitude and looking inside me. I knew long ago, that I was unhappy. I felt I'm not living the life I wish I was living. I'm still not really enjoying life much and it comes from numerous different reasons. And I also realised, this can't go on like this. No more! I don't want to spend another year, month, week or even a day, feeling so miserable! And a lot of it DOES have to do with my health, my body-image, my PCOS. And all that can change that a bit, is starting again.

So here I am. I'm still fighting my depression and digging into the real reasons, same time also re-organizing my life and goals, loosing weight, trying to move more, eat healthy and many more things. Including finishing my MA degree. It all helps. Getting back in some sort of a routine or system or.. doing something, besides lying in bed and wishing to fall asleep again. Every day. All day. This isn't me! I don't want this to be me! I still have a very long way to go to become OK. Not good, but OK. Every day, babysteps.

Firstly, when back from my travels, I organised all my clothes and shoes. I managed to give away many clothes that were either too big or too small (except few dresses that I hope I'll be fitting into very soon again and that have been handmade for me), shoes I hadn't worn more than once or twice. Now I have kept my dresses, two pairs of pants, few shirts, few pairs of shoes, jackets. AND one pair of my ever max weight pants, haha! All of my clothes can literally fit into a fairly small suitcase now. One day when I've lost more weight, new wardrobe awaits, but for now - I'm buying NO new or vintage clothes or shoes!

Secondly, I went through THINGS. From computer wires to CD's to books to whatever thingies, including jewellery. So many things went to good will, to big families or friends. Felt good. No more a slave of my things.

Thirdly, I revisited all my cosmetics, beauty products and stuff like that. Somehow, during workaholic times I got so many things as gifts or compensated the lack of time with buying creams and shampoos I didn't really need. Today I'm back to very few basic items: organic deodorant, few nice perfumes (gifts), organic toothpaste, handmade soap, almond oil for my body and face, washing my hair again with egg and vinegar, hair masks either olive oil or coconut oil and aftermath with professional hair oil and conditioner for my frizzy-frizzy-frizzy hair. Oh, someone left a bloody expensive mud mask also at my place once and left it for me. I've been using that too, but I won't be spending some 50 eur one a new one when its over. So.. Life is beauty department is very simple and very cheap! I also go to depilation once a month.

Actually, I didn't have many things already before, but the goal is to have less and less. And I'm almost there. Soon I could fit my whole life in a small van (including my crazy amount of books AND sofa!). In spring I should still sort out some of my furniture and books.

Fourthly, I started exercising again more. During my trip, I walked a lot and swam. Now I'm again walking, aiming to get my 10 000+ steps per day. And restarting gym+pool. Restarting.. To be started though. I have been gathering myself to get to the gym now for 2 days. Maybe tomorrow?

Fifth. I joined an eating programme with planned meals, sizes etc. I felt this time I really need this to assist me. Clear meal plans, clear shopping lists, no place to play a fool. I'm still true to eating low-gi, trying to avoid lactose, gluten, farm fish, meat, raw (uncooked) nor cold foods, but of course not 100 %. Main goal is to keep to organic and low-gi as much as possible and follow the 55 % carbs + 20 % fat + 25 % protein lines. I've done this for the past 6-7 years and this works for me, truly. For the time being, I'm also keeping track of calories to make sure, I'm not slipping or being too "loose" with portions. I think the portion sizes are my soft point.

And this is it. For starters, this is pretty good.

I hope I'll have time to post more of food pictures too. Looking back at my old posts, I still enjoy seeing those and get ideas, again, too. But for now, priority is to stick to eating programme and exercise programme, blogging will come second. So this time no measurements, numbers, pictures yet. Once I've reached my first goal, I'll do that.

All the best!

10 September 2016

Exciting autumn-winter ahead

Hey there.

It's been a long, long, long time.
And so much to share, so much to say.

Things have been hard, things have been good. A lot of travelling, a lot of emotions, a lot of decisions. On side of it all, still living with PCOS. Mostly, in peace. Or more or less so.

Soon I'm off for a sabbatical in deep nature, surrounded by me, myself and I, to spend 4 months eating, sleeping, training, reading, writing and really taking time for my PCOS and my own insides and outsides.

But after 6,5 h of electrolysis today, and some 3 hours of driving in dark, I'm beat.

Soon, more.