27 July 2010

The bliss of losing weight

I've lost 9 kg since January 2010 (from 125 kg to 116kg!), which is not so bad at all:) Sometimes it really IS great to forget about weighing myself and just being. And to be honest - I am damn proud of this, cause for the last years I've only been gaining weight! When I left to Portugal I promised to read as much as possible again about PCOS and get myself back on track. I quit all the medications (and still not taking any), just to figure out what I am without them exactly and until now it has been working out nice.

I know I need to get back on Metformin and soon I'm ready to do so, but first I still want to loose 6 to 10 kg on my own and then go back on Metformin and perhaps having a regular check up by end of the year would be nice too, haven't seen my doctor over a year and a half!

As I recently talked to a friend of mine, who also has PCOS - less stress works sometimes for baby-making too. After 3 years of stressing around and several miscarriages, they decided to take it more easy. Doctor prescribed Metformin 1000mg and a month later she's pregnant!:) I'm really-really happy for them.

Anyhow, back to MY success! I have been eating much healthier for past 7 months: fish instead of meat, less alcohol, almost no sweets besides the cakes I cooked myself - thus knowing all ingredients and controlling it; always choosing full-grain (brown pasta, wild rice etc), no stress, and moving a lot - living in a city with high hills and mountains for 7 months was useful! Not to mention all the sun, dancing, swimming.. Anyhow, I feel pretty PRETTY!:)

Yet - now I'm back here, where I'm always lazy. I've noticed I'm sleeping a lot, not feeling so energetic and kind of falling back to depressiveness and disability (lazyness!) to do my daily work tasks and failing in motivating myself in a lot of things. It might be the cause of the climate change and for sure is a lot stuck with my own mind, yet I'm trying to get back on track.

Anyhow. Feeling good and I think writing about these small things is important for me too. Soon again!

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