16 July 2011

Off to the countryside

I weight probably 127-130 kg currently, which is getting back to where I was more than a year ago. Fuck! It is now a year since I've been back in North of Europe and obviously the workload I have here and the old habits (including social life, friends, family and.. everything) is not good for me. The alarm clock is ringing like hell! I have not visited my doctor for nearly 2 years since I thought - uh, I can work on myself. I've got to work on myself.

Well! I've been on holidays for the past 2 weeks from work and been eating considering the low GI-diet again, been swimming daily and riding a bike, switched off phone and walks in nature, long sleep and reading books helps as well. Uh, nature is always so comforting compared to city life of mine. But, in few days I've got to return to the "evil" city and I need to set down some ground rules for myself. I somehow doubt I will be able to keep it going right now. I just know how much stress with filmshoots I have ahead.

But, something nice to the end. Ive been doing the following exercises every morning outside on green grass under the blue-blue sky and morning sun during my holidays. Its just SO good to be away from the city!

Tai Chi relaxation video here. The follow-up video 2 and 3 are there as well. Enjoy!

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