30 November 2011

busy times, but still -2 kg

Lost nearly 2 kg with last 2,5 weeks, not bad. I've been super busy, partying a lot and working a lot, add some family trouble and following a diet seemingly becomes impossible, but really? I keep to my porridge's in mornings, less sandwiches, more greens and fruits, water.

I have holidays coming up as well and decided to join an extensive gym program for those 2 weeks:
swimming, doing yoga, aquafit, bodybalance and consulting a private trainer for a training program. I think this is exactly what I need right now. To be honest, the sports club is a bit fancy one, but then again I am saving loads of money as I cancelled my trip to the other side of Europe. So, I could use some of it for an experienced trainer and a monthly membership, buying some training clothes, trying out various trainings and buying loads and loads of ingredients as I am trying to put together a very "strict" (more like thought-through) low GI diet for those 2 weeks as well. Just so I would have everything I need in the house to cook whatever feels right at that moment but of all the GOOD ingredients!

So. My starting weight was 138,5 kg (BMI over 46).
Today I'm 135 kg (BMI 45). That means I have lost all together 3,5 kg and I want to put down some goals.

First goal: -10 %, which is 124 kg (BMI 41,4). 
Second goal: another -10 %, which is 111 kg (BMI 37,1).
Third goal: reaching below 100, which is 99 kg (BMI 33,1).
Fourth goal: achieving 89 kg (BMI 29,7, which is also reaching overweight BMI instead of obesity).
Fifth goal: achieving 80 kg (BMI 26,7).
Sixth goal: 75 kg (BMI 25,1, which is reaching normal weight and BMI).
Seventh goal: 69 kg (BMI 23,1)
Final goal: 65 kg (BMI 21,7).

By the time of reaching my third goal I should be able to see very big changes in my body, health, energy, tonus. Thus by reaching to the third goal I want to award myself with something memorable. Do not know yet what it could be, but I imagine a trip will be the best.

And for reaching the normal weight and normal healthy BMI of sixth goal I plan to take a 2 week holiday to some warm country:) That is a must:) I started putting away some holiday money for it last week already.

My goal to reach healthy sixth goal is 2 years. That means loosing 63 kg in 24 months. That is A LOT of weight to loose and I want to be realistic and healthy about it. I don't expect to loose such a huge amount of weight in half a year or even a year. I want it to stay off!

I've been watching "I Used To Be Fat", a MTV reality show over the internet. Accidentally saw a couple of episodes and I thought, hmm, ok, so those guys can loose so much weight in just 100 days, but I really do not think I can. And its ok. I want to have realistic goals.

Talking about foods. I really find porridge to be important to me. And lemon on food, in salads, in water. Hurma, a new discovery for me! Love it!

Air has been on my playlist. Probably the wait for snow. It was supposed to be snowing already 2-3 weeks ago and still.. Nothing.

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