02 November 2011

Clother for plus size

I know that in the States it is quite easy to find clothes for plus-sized people. Here? We used to have 2-3 shops, which had a small section for bigger sizes somewhere in the back corner of the shop. I mean, a seriously small section: 2-3 pairs of pants, 3-4 variations of tops or shirts, 2-3 jumpers etc. Also the quality of those clothes were not so good. I had to buy most of my clothes from my trips abroad..

But! I discovered that about half a year ago they started bringing Danish label Zizzi here to Tallinn. I must say, going there and having to CHOOSE from sizes and not having to take the biggest and still feel they are bit too small.. Wow! It was great! Also the lady who was selling the stuff was plus-sized, super smiley lady, so it felt actually comfortable to ask her for the right size stuff;) To add more to it, they also bring in high boots from JJ Footwear, which have boots from wider calf sizes. Ok, the price is bit higher, but also the quality of clothes is. So, I am happy!

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