08 November 2011

a little David Bowie

A little David Bowie and "Lets Dance" never does harm, same goes for some green salad with tomatoes, mildly salted salmon, crabs, cottage cheese and a drop of olive oil along with fresh home-made apple juice. Lovely and easy dinner.

I do wish I could absolutely neglect the alcohol. I still end up having a glass of wine and now when the film festival is coming up also.. Huh, I do not see that being any less of a wine-drinking for me, haha.

In general, feeling absolutely fabulous! Energetic and happy!

Been also reading Rick Gallops book on GI dieting, one of the best books for me. We have it here also in my native language and it has been a pleasure to read about all the things in Estonian. He explains quite nicely why this or that is better than others, very clear graphical red/yellow/green division of foods and sample menu. I mean, for me it has been the best combining various books together, reading one for the diet and good changes, the other one for treating PCOS and about the scientific and even emotional stuff, then having another pcos cookbook to make few adjustments in GI diet and.. The more I read them, the more sense it all makes to me and I see the change in my habbits every day.

I have been visiting my dad in the evening times too, when my mom is out of town. He is a 2nd type diabetic and so low GI diet is actually real good for him too. So I cook for both of us in the evenings and surprise him with new solutions what to do with fish and so on..

Yeah. Keeping it real positive!

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