01 November 2011


Today I got so pissed off at work with an employee for being bit stubborn about a creative solution, so I had to walk out and take a 5 to calm down and not to tell anyone to fuck off. Do not remember getting so fast so angry in a long time.

But I feel I really need to keep away from mood changes. I am trying not to be too happy, nor too sad or mad. It just works bad for me right now. I enjoy the zero-mode the most.

Food-wise it was a good day:

Breakfast: Special K flakes with milk (2,5 % fat), 1 wholegrain bread from Leibur with Belgian brie. Cafe latte with 1 spoon of sugar. 1/2 of 500 mg Metformin, additional supplements: calcium, folic acid, cinnamon, vitamin D.

Lunch: Caesar salad and 0,75 l of mineral water.

Melt-down moment: 1 rum cake (small)

Dinner: Chicken filet, cottage cheese, tomato, milk (2,5 % fat)

Late-night: 3 Tuborg lime-cut beers (farewell party of a friend)

Uh. Still. Getting much better than even 2 weeks ago, when my day would of consisted of 2-3 pies and a sandwitch and latte chai for breakfast, some ready-made lunch to go, pizza, chinese or sushi for dinner along with cheese-puffs, ready-made sandwich, chocolate... And so on. Phh!

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