01 November 2011

A slow start is better than no start

I have to say it has been one of the hardest starts ever. I am constantly so tired, that it just seems to be so much easier to get that damn take-away food from the corner place or take a cab instead of walking or.. smoke another cigarette.

But still I have to say I have been pretty good. For example: today I had a salmon sandwich and cafe latte (with 1 spoon of sugar instead of regular 2) for breakfast, around noon had a yogurt, banana and chicken salad. Also managed to drink 0,75 liters of water at work - getting better! I only smoke 4 cigs, refused sushi and chinese, and instead prepared a nice meal at home: cold mildly salted salmon with cottage cheese, tomatoes and brie. Instead of drinking milk, had 2 glasses of mineral water. I know this is still not quite the low GI diet, but I have once again started choosing the right(er) products, re-launched my old and loved habit of consuming water (why did I ever leave it?), I have been including fruits and veggies to my food..

I know, this is quite a lame start, but the "uncomfortable" feeling I am having in my chest area during the last days and some weird feeling in my legs as well, especially knees, is pretty much terrifying me. Probably this is also one of the reasons I have totally cut back on coffee and cigarettes.

The main thing for me right now is to go a day at the time. I can not make long plans, cause failing in long-term right now, would make me pissed off.

So, little walks, little exercise in morning, going sleep earlier, waking up earlier, eating a proper breakfast, smoking much less, not forgetting to eat during lunch time, eating proper dinner including fish, veggies, fruits. Drinking a lot of water. Keeping a positive attitude and keeping it low on social life (= less drinking, less smoking, less emotional "waves").

All good, all good!

Cheers to you all.

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