29 May 2012

And we are back!

Its been a long and hard winter full of work, stress, death in family and lots more. So in mid April, by the time I was weighing my maximum 138,8 kg and was feeling as crap, I took a holiday long deserved and walked into a travel agency, bough myself tickets to the other side of Europe, packed my things and flew next morning.

Four weeks of my familiar favorite city, sunshine, lots of walking, lots of fresh seafood and vegetables and fruits, lots of wine and travelling around later, Im back with lots of good energy and finally the spring has also arrived here.

Been re-reading Rick Gallop-s "GI Diet", been eating healthy, drinking lots of liquids, cutting back on alcohol and tobacco, emptied my fridge and cupboards of unnecessary foods (to be honest, there wasnt much, Ive still been sticking to low GI foods as... little as Ive been cooking home for the past 4-5 months..).

I am starting to feel like a human being again! And my weight has dropped from 138,8 kg (April 18) to 132,8 kg (May 28), which is 6 kg (13,2 lbs). That means BMI drop from 46.4 to 44.4.

I also measured myself today. Little comparing with November when I last measured.
Waist: Nov 2011: 129 cm,  May 2012 124 cm
Hips: Nov 2011: 140 cm, May 2012 134 cm

Yes, this IS motivating. Mainly to actually feel different after so long time not to actually be able to loose any weight and only gaining to really feel more energy, feel better.

Low GI is fucking amazing, I can eat a lot and really not feel hungry again within the next 1,5 hours;)
I have always eaten healthy products, whole grain, ecological choices etc, but I was simply eating too big portions at the time AND dividing my plate slightly wrong AND mixing up wrong products.

Urgh. I really feel this is it, this time I will manage to loose all that un-needed overweight from my body and go until the end and keep it. I just have all the power over it and in a very long time Im in it with my mind and heart, not just logics.

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