07 June 2012

chicken curry delight

Today was a good day! Walked for about 1,5 hours and made myself time in the evening to cook for good friends of mine. Dish selected? Chicken curry! Everyone was extremely happy as actually proper Indian food here in Tallinn is not so cheap. The thing with having so little immigrants around here, no world cuisine..

Here is the recipe (courtesy of http://www.the-gi-diet.org/, but I modified it slightly). Its enough for 4. Or a dinner for 2 and a perfect lunch-to-take-to-work the next day.

200 g (7 or 8 oz?) red beans (if they are canned, dont forget to wash them through under running water and drain before use), the original recipe had lentils, but Im trying to eat as much as possible beans currently and get beans part of my daily life..
2-3 medium size chicken fillets
2 medium size onions
1 soup spoon (ss) fresh chopped ginger (divide into two piles)
1 tea spoon (ts) of turmeric
3 ts of curry powder
0,5 ts salt (grain, not fine)
1,5 ts whole cumin seeds
3-4 cloves of garlic
0,5 ts cayenne pepper
about 2 tablespoons lemon juice (freshly squeezed preferred)
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
¼ teaspoon ground nutmeg

2 bags of basmati rice
6 pieces of anise

fresh salad of your own choice
3 tomatoes
1 red onion
olive oil (prefer spray! then you use less!)
almond slices

Peel and finely chop half of the ginger and place in a pan with the sliced onions, lentils, turmeric and korma curry powder. If you like your curries hot then add sliced green chilli.

Add 2 pints/1 litre of water to the pan, cover with a lid and bring it to a simmer. Turn the heat right down and leave it to simmer for 40 minutes. Leave the lid very slightly ajar to stop it boiling over.

Cut the chicken into small cubes and add to the pan. Check there is enough of water, if not, add some. Cook for another 20-25 minutes until the meat is done. It is crucial that you remember to stir the pan regularly (every 5-10 minutes) as it is at this stage that it is most likely to burn. You might need to add some water, but in this stage its already better, if it all becomes more "thick".

Heat the olive oil (1-2 sprays max) in a small separate frying pan and once hot, fry the whole cumin seeds for 30 seconds. Add the remaining chopped ginger and garlic and fry for a minute more. Add the cayenne pepper in the pan and mix in with the other spices then immediately put the whole lot in main pot. Put the lemon juice, salt, nutmeg and cinnamon in the main pot, stir and cook for another 3 minutes.

Serve with long grain or basmati rice. When rice is almost finished boiling, add 0,5 teaspoons of ground salt. Remove the water and stir the rice gently with a fork. Add 4-7 pieces of anis amongst the rice and cover it with a lid. Leave it for around 5 minutes. Some people do not like anise at all, make sure whoever you are sharing your dish, does like it;)

Prepare the salad and make the plate beautiful: add half plate full of fresh salad, slices of tomato, circles of red onion, so that green stuff is 50 % of your plate. Spray 1-2 times olive oil and add almond slices. Add 1/4 of the plate full of basmati rice and add 1/4 of the plate full of chicken curry.

Dont have any bread or something like that to the side! You really wont need it..

A perfect drink? Refreshing mineral water with or without gas and with a slice of orange, cucumber, lemon or lime in it with ice cubes. I used to drink milk or juice always with my food, but really, going the Mediterrian way and having water with main course is just so much better.

A great desert/2nd snack of the day was also a smoothie. I got myself a new small blender today and made a blueberry-strawberry-grape smoothie to which I added 100 ml of soya milk. No sugar added! Lovely energizer to enjoy with a few chapters of a novel.

Plan for tomorrow:

BREAKFAST: Wholegrain oatmeal breakfast with apricot. Im not a huge porridge fan, so for the rest of this week will try to have various porridges with fruits..

SNACK: Home-made muesli bar and an apple

LUNCH: Leftover portion of chicken curry with basmati rice and fresh salad

SNACK: Blueberry-apple smoothie with 100 ml of soya milk

DINNER: Salad with 50 g of ricotta, walnuts, grapes

WATER: 2 liters

WORKOUT: Morning exercise 20 minutes, actually a little simple thai chi relaxation combo, I find it quite nice as its hard for me to do too much exercice still because of my huge overweight http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3E03A7AAB0AD86B5&feature=plcp
Does anyone have any good workout tips? Exercise videos online? Looking currently for simpler things though.. I have never really tried yoga and it seems like something I would like.

Walk 1 hour would be also good. If there is time for that.. If have time in evening, also to go for a swim in the pool 1 hour. Anyhow currently I find walking and swimming to be the BEST exercise for me.


I have ALL pcos symptoms in full. All of them. So, all kinds of changes for better are always very encouraging for me;)

I have noticed my acanthosis nigric (dark patches of skin on neck, between breasts, under armpits, on legs) have started to become slightly lighter with the past 1,5  months of being on low-GI. It has happened before as well when I was cutting my carbs (mainly pasta, rice, bread, sugar), but I never knew why they sometimes were lighter and sometimes darker. I only read recently on Soulcysters, that this (less carbs, and choosing good carbs) actually really affects the dark patches becoming lighter. Some even say, they have lost them at all. Dont know if its really possible and whats the scientific research saying about it.

Im really glad for this though, cause my hirutsism is currently at its worst wilderness and really bothering me and my daily life; and though my hair on head seems puffy and beautiful, I see how much of hair Im loosing every time I shower from my head. What a crazy thing. I have no remedies for my hirutsism, but I must say what helped me for loosing my hair on head, I started washing them more rarely (I went from washing them daily with shampoo to washing them once a week with honey-egg-lemon homemade mixture, well, I try different natural thingies, and I still sometimes also use organic shampoo) and they have become much healthier and falling out slightly less. It took about half a year for seeing the change though, cause at first my hair was like "what are you doooing to meee?!";)

Another thing, during the past few weeks my skin has become very dry, so Im adding olive oil to all of my salads and eating almonds and walnuts for snacks, this should help. Cause currently Im not taking any vitamins, supplements, medications or other and Im not too keen on putting too much cream on my body. I do use it from time to time, but I think if skin becomes too dry, I have to help the organism to balance it out again, not moisturize it way too much. Should eat more salmon obviously to get the good omega-3 oils as well. Any good tips?

At the beginning of low-GI dieting this time I also had about a week-week and a half where my skin went quite bad, my body was detoxing of course.. But now my skin is very clear and happy with all the fresh stuff Im eating.

Other changes? Still sometimes I wake up tired (the "hangover" feeling that alot of cysters have described), which is probably from the bad sleep (sleep apnea). But it has become MUCH less with the last 1,5 months and I am VERY sure this has a lot to do with the change in my diet!

And I dont get tired during the day anymore so much, same goes for evening. But it seems I cant get a grip on going to sleep earlier, which is quite very essential for keeping up with proper low-GI dieting as well I believe. A proper deep 8-9 hour sleep should be one of the first things, but yeah.. Cant get there.

3.22 AM. Got to sleep.

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