05 June 2012

good times

Weigh in June 4: 132,4 kg. Little more than hoped, but well.. also had the best time on Saturday dancing, drinking and enjoying myself out with friends;) It was all worth it. Even the early morning pancakes and beer;)

Other than that feeling great. Have also mentioned to my family and friends Im on low-GI now, moving more, eating healthy all that. Everyone is very supportive, inviting to healthy foodplaces or for walks. Loving it;)

Ive also gotten a new "habbit" - visiting friends or parents and cooking for them. I really enjoy doing that, gets me to try out various recipes, and well its always more fun to cook for more than one.

Today also browsed around the shop, found few new ecological series for hair and body, gonna check them out. Bit costy, but hell, Ive been doing good and deserve to be treated well. Noone else does it but me, myself and I, right?

Anyhow, feeling fabulous.

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