02 June 2012

what are you waiting for?

Its been a good week, eating with low gi selection. Ive been cooking home much more and whenever I eat out, I specifically tell them to skip all the medium-gi or high-gi ingredients, sauces and so on.

I feel energetic. I feel like I want to wake up. I feel like I want to move. So gonna go out and get a retro second hand bike right now;) And maybe pop by an organic food shop and get some great spices and vegetables. Evening? A great indie concert and some dancing awaits. Also, Im off from alcohol these days.


So people. What are you waiting for? Its all up to ourselves to change our old shitty habits and kick the ass of PCOS!

I have lost currently 7,4 kg as on today. My first milestone/goal is to reach -10 % weight loss by July 2, meaning to reach 125 kg.

Starting max weight 138.8 kg (April 18, 2012)
First milestone -10 % weight loss 125 kg (July 2, 2012)
Second milestone another -10 % weight loss 112,5 kg (December, 2012)
Third milestone reaching under 100, that is 99 kg (spring 2013)
Fourth milestone reaching under 90 kg, that is 89 kg (summer 2013)
Fifth milestone reaching under 80 kg, that is 79 kg (winter 2013)
Sixth milestone reaching 75 kg (winter 2014)
Seventh milestone reaching 68 kg (spring 2014)
Final destination 65 kg (summer 2014)
From there on - keeping the weight between 65 to 70 kg.

I'm not rushing into losing weight. I realize very well, the beginning is faster and later on my fat will be turning into muscles with time that I bring up my working out load. Also, I am targeting losing A LOT of weight, all together over 70 kg (its a whole human being;), which is a lot of weight to loose and I know very well, its a long way, a lot of work, a lot of possibilities to fail, a lot of times the weight will be just hanging there not changing and so on and so forth, but this is not a diet. This is lifestyle change. Therefor I'm trying to have realistic goals, so I wouldn't get disappointed expecting too much from myself.

Currently Im not taking any medications (no pill, no metformin) and I want to keep it so as long as I can. My goal is to get PCOS symptoms under control through eating healthy and excluding all chemical products out of my life.

As I have written before, currently I have ALL of the symptoms in very heavy way. So I will be writing about changes with that as well, hoping there will be changes.

But ok. Time to go out;)

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