06 June 2012


Ive joined in to a thread of "low-GI for 12 weeks" at soulcysters. Ive been writing there quite a lot of my own ideas, thoughts and things-to-do or not-to-do, so gonna add some of those posts also here.

About meals and recipes.

First things first. My meals consist of as much as possible of ecological or eco-friendly products. Why? Cause I believe that wrong environment was one of the things to trigger my PCOS in the first place. And I think I deserve to be healthy. Healthy mind in a healthy body and vice versa.

This is something I'm ready to spend off more and helps me also to make sure, my food doesn't include any hidden chemicals or sugars. I mean, I prefer a healthy product of which origin I can be sure of and support the farmer providing it, instead of buying lots and cheap unknown (normally filled with just sugars) products.

Wholegrain foods, vegetables from farmers not from some country on the other side of the world, no sodas, no juices. If I want a juice, I make a fresh juice.

Secondly, I'm trying to avoid sugar.

Most of the inspiration for me came from Rick Gallops book. First I bought it and left it there, then I read it again, left it again. But I kept coming back to his writing and his book. I found it again and realized its great;) I realized, that slowly I had started following his instructions.

Both the theory and recipes are explained so, that instead of perhaps "cooking by the book" you feel like experimenting while using the good choices and spice it up.

The main thing is to understand, what products are OK choice, which ones are not. At first I even printed out the lists of foods that are OK, kept the list in my pocket that whenever I would doubt, I could check while in the shop. Today – simply keep it on your smartphone and have it always with you.

Well. I checked the list for maybe a week or two sometimes, but now I know it by heart and know that ok, banana currently is a no-no cause I'm in the weight-loss stage, apples are yes-yes.

Also Gallop confirmed AGAIN to me, I need to have 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks during the day. He also has a different food pyramid system (compared to US one) and I totally agree with him.

I used to eat 2 meals and perhaps snack a little during the day. I wasn't eating enough and when I was, I was eating totally wrong choices. Craving for ANY KIND OF ENERGY basically.

He also writes in his book. Try eating low-GI one week. Then have 1 day of random food (pizza, soda, ice cream) and compare how You feel. There is no way you will want to go back to the old habbits. You will realize that THAT was the whole thing making you feel sad, down, depressed, … WE ARE WHAT WE EAT.

Books on PCOS and/or low-GI in my kitchen:

Top choice: GI Diet by Rick Gallop (lots of theory, very well written I find and quite nice recipes as well, the most logical book about low-GI dieting for me)

New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well with PCOS 2nd Revised edition by dr Jennie Brand-Miller, not so many recipes, but a great book in general, also the first one that brought me to low-GI really and explained PCOS in general for me

The PCOS Diet Cookbook by Nadir R. Farid and Norene Gilletz (no pics though, I always find pics of food inspiring for cooking)

Complete Idiots Guide Glycemic Index Cookbook (in the end, havent been using it much, borrowed it to a friend who is also on low-GI and who has enjoyed the book a lot though)

New favourite! Recently I also ordered High Protein Low GI Bold Flavour cookbook by Fiona Carns and also dr Jennie Brand-Miller, have tried a few recipes from there and enjoyed it alot.


Basically I currently eat something like this:

I start the day with having a glass or two of water, sometimes I add a slice of cucumber, lemon, orange or ginger. And a workout ideally, but I dont always wake up early enough.

BREAKFASTS. Home made muesli with no-fat yoghurt, fresh fruits (grapes, apples, kiwi) and no-coffeine coffee with no-fat milk, no sugar. The days I dont have time to eat home (waking up too late.. and late for another meeting), I go to a cafe nearby and ask for a wholegrain porridge with fruits (first they didn't serve it, but I asked them to perhaps add it to the menu and they did!

Even though eggs arent really in the weight-loss phase of low-GI diet, I do have a few eggs in some mornings still. Just fry them on teflon pan (no oil sprayed!) and add lots of vegetables on the side.

Some mornings I just have no-fat natural yoghurt (with no added sugars) and a bunch of fresh fruits, it really gives a good kick to the start of the day. IF I crave for fresh juice, I squeeze it myself but prefer eating the whole fruit. I refuse to buy any more shop juices as I now know what they consist of.


I have used some recipes from cookbooks to bake healthy muffins, muesli bars, often I prefer fruits or carrots, very simple snack. Also when I have time, I prepare a nice smoothie at home and bring it to office to have it when I feel like having a light snack. I also keep drinking a lot of water, gas or no gas, doesn't really matter. Helps me avoid coffee machine at the office.


Soups! Salads! There are a zillion great recipes out there of which all are basically adjustable to low-GI dieting. Im playing around with salad and soups recipes a lot right now, discovering Portuguese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Turkish recipes. I find Mediterranean recipes to be very easily adjustable to low-GI. Just skip some mayo and add olive oil and almonds instead!;)


Currently I'm sticking to fish. Im cooking A LOT OF fish and trying it out so, that I’m not adding rice, pasta, potatoes or other. I have found beans to be an EXCELLENT substitute! And wow, there are so many vegetables out there that I haven't even ever tried to cook;) Why and when did I even get addicted to all those piles of rice and pasta in my daily food?! I haven't had much of pasta or rice during the past 2 months and really.. I don't miss it. When I feel like pasta, I choose wholegrain and add it to salad instead of having a separate pasta plate or something.

I find it hard to find normal priced ecological meat and the shop meat is full of steroids and other stuff that I don't want to bother me and my PCOS. We don't know how those foods really influence us. So whenever I have someone from a small farm offering meat I buy together with neighbors, we also have this food circle that brings food from around farms, so I get most of my vegetables, fish and even some of the dairy products from farmers. I have also noticed, that those kind of food circles that provide possibility to order fresh food off from farms have become not popular only in Europe, but also amongst my US friends.

I eat a lot of veggies these days, and not to get bored, I often check out Indian, Thai or Chinese recipes, the ingredients that are not a go, I replace. Also instead of making some crazy load of rice or adding fatty sauces, I prepare those sauces myself from various spices, fresh ginger, fresh tomatoes etc. That gives me the freedom to leave out unnecessary or “bad” for me ingredients like sugar and cheap oils.

I mean, I like going crazy with food and I guess Im not too good at sticking to a recipe.

How to get over cake/donuts/brownie/bready/sweet cravings?

For me the solution was this:

- Always have a full stomach. 3 meals + 2 snacks a day make sure You're actually never hungry.


- At first cook some homemade sweet stuff like blueberry muffins or other stuff (I'll try to add soon some good recipes for those), that are actually healthy AND very tasty. Low GI recipes of course ONLY!

- One of the best solutions for me was the first 3-4 weeks when I was sometimes missing chocolate or ice cream or something baked, I had fresh ginger tea with fresh mint and added honey to it (again, farm honey though, not sugary shop one).

- Muesli bars. I cooked them myself, cause the ones sold in shops are covered in sugar even if they are called “fit” and “diet” and all that

- Fruits. Grapes. Grapes and raisins are EXCELLENT for reducing cravings for sugar. When just grape and/or raisins are boring, add some unsweetened yoghurt or cottage cheese …

- “Smoothies”, I make very light smoothies. Lots of ice and low-gi fruits, very rarely also add no-fat yoghurt, but less and less actually.

But I think in general for starters its really good to avoid as much as possible breads, bakeries, sweets... If You slip off, don't worry, don't feel like omg, now the whole thing is lost. E.g. last Saturday I went out, partied hard, drank quite a lot of coctails and wine and ended up having nice hangover junkfood in the early morning on way home.. Sunday, instead of going for a swim and walk as planned, I slept, ate sandwiches (THE MOST EVIL THING EVER!) and felt like sh**

But – then again I had a great time with friends, danced like crazy and all that. Those kind of slip offs will make you maybe feel a bit sad and bad, but then again they are so much fun and give you energy to continue.

Its impossible to change 20-30 years of eating habbits in 1 or 2 weeks.. It will take years and eve then you will still want those some old goody things to time to time, but anyhow I think there is no way of NOT WINNING from out of this eating lifestyle of low-GI. A lot of those choices will stick to me, you and others for a loong time

And to sum up the craving for sweets. I lost the craving in 3-4 weeks. I think actually even earlier, but I had a few days on 3rd and 4th week when I really wanted to have something good and sweet. What I did? Once I did get a chocolate. The other time I went and bought a kilo of grapes and ate them. Didnt want to have sweets after that for a week

Oh, this is very long all. And let's be honest, we all knew it already before?;)

Until next time. A walk and swim are waiting.

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