11 June 2012


And my weight-in was today. Have lost another 1,2 kg which makes my total loss since being on low-GI 17 lbs (7,6 kg). New weight is 289 lbs (starting weight 306). My BMI has dropped from 46,4 to 43,8.

This leaves me at another ~14 lbs (6,2 kg) to go to achieve my first GOAL which is-10 % weight loss, 275 lbs/125 kg. I want to achieve that by first half of July 2012.

Yes, I'm happy and feel motivated!

Last week was very good food wise in general, as I decided to experiment new food combinations and recipes. Also salad stuff is ready at the countryside, so saving some money from veggies and stuff is always nice;)

Soy milk is my new best friend! I have cut out bread from my menu entirely and dark skin batches are really almost gone in some areas (e.g. between breasts), also the patch on my neck has become recognizably lighter, Im VERY glad for that. I must say I was still craving for bread a little, especially when I go to shop and there is fresh ciabatta... But, I have discovered, I do quite fine without it and I don't miss it anymore. This has helped me also to put a total stop on sandwiches.

I didn't do as much swimming as I had planned, also second half of the week I didn't do my morning exercises. But I did walk around quite a lot though. Friday, Saturday walks with friends who have kids. It's always fun also for my friends, cause they can do some girl-talk and same time there is a friend who is giving all of her attention to their kid, running around and all that;) A perfect way to give your friends a half-day break from their kids;)

This weeks goals:

- loose 2-4 lbs
- keep up my water consumption (2 liters per day)
- try more new recipes from my cookbooks, this worked superb last week
- be better with exercise! 
- exercise plan:

Monday / walk 1 hour
Tuesday / walk 1 hour + morning exercise + bike ride
Wednesday / bike ride + morning exercise + swim (pool)
Thursday / walk 2 hour + morning exercise + swim (pool)
Friday / walk 1 hour + morning exercise + swim (pool)
Saturday / hike 2 hours + morning exercise + swim (sea) + bike ride / at countryside
Sunday / hike 2 hours + morning exercise + swim + bike ride / at countryside

Yes, LOTS of physical activity. Well, it needs to be done!

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