05 July 2012

F feel the energy, lovely-lovely!

So-so-so. June 11 I was down to -17 lbs, then I had some low-mojo and today I am down to -19 lbs in total, jippi! This leaves me at another 12 lbs (5,2 kg) to go, to achieve my first goal of -10 % loss of body weight from starting body weight and going from BMI 46.4 to BMI 41.8. I wish to achieve that still during July.

Meeting a personal trainer next week to start an exercise plan for me. Feel pretty happy about it!

Oeh. After I loose those first-goal-5,2kg-to-go, I will still have "just" another 60 kg (132 lbs) to go with the next 2 years;)

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