03 July 2012

personal trainer

And writing here and reading around got me back on track faster. What a good motivator! All in all have lost 18 lbs, have not gained any weight with my feeling low week-week and a half. Another 12 lbs to go to meet my first goal of 275 lbs (125 kg).

Its been quite hot and humid, which makes drinking water quite easy. I also feel that I should see a personal trainer (which I have never done before) to set up a proper exercise plan that would fit my goals. Its a bit expensive (around 15-50 EUR, depending where to go to), but I think it would be worth it. Also I have figured out, that if I want to really change my lifestyle (and I have been doing that with small steps every day), I should also stick to bit more routine and join a gym/sports center. I can already see myself being too lazy to go, finding excuses, saying I have too much work to do and blablabla, but THESE ARE JUST EXCUSES.

I also find, that my current "exercise plan" isn't very efficient, I am often still doing nothing or calling some walking an exercise, come on! What a lame thing to do. I mean, there is no PLAN really, is there?;)

So, I am planning to book a personal trainers time. Been doing my reading to find the one that seems to suit me the best and though I am already now so embarrased of going in a way, imagining being all sweaty doing the simplest exercises and wearing rather clumsy and lets-cover-all-my-body-parts clothes and feeling like dying after the first sessions.. Maybe even first few weeks sessions.. I think I deserve to gain my health back. If my parents didnt raise me to be a sports lover, doesnt mean I can not become one.

Actually, my own mother started doing regular exercise at the age of 58. She has bad knees and reflux, so she is on a very specific diet and is exercising simple things every day. The key to that is, she does it every day, no matter what the time is, how she is feeling and so on. I highly respect her for that, and if she can do it, why cant I?

This weeks goals:
- explore eggs and foods with eggs
- make new recipes for smoothies
- try new muesli recipes
- book a personal trainers meetings at a sports center
- write down all the exercise I do and all the food I eat for 1 week (analyze after a week)
- dress up more; during last weeks I have been careless about my clothing, hair, general look - this is so discouraging! got to work on myself more, so I can feel pretty

- this weeks exercise "plan":
mon: 1 h walk
tue: 1 h walk + 30 min exercise at home
wed: 1 h walk + 30 min exercise at home
thur: 2 h walk + 30 min exercise at home
fri: 1 h walk + 30 min exercise at home + 30 min swimming/exercising in sea
sat: 1 h walk + 1 hour bicycle ride + 30 min swimming/exercising in sea + 30 min exercise outside
sun: 1 h walk + 1 hour bicycle ride + 30 min swimming/exercising in sea + 30 min exercise outside

note to myself: if its a small rain, just wear according clothes and dont use rain as an excuse!

until soon!

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