25 November 2012

autumn vegetables

I have had a good autumn. A lot of things have changed in my working life and I have really worked on (re-)gaining my self-confidence. I am not saying I am there yet, but I am getting there.

But, I have not been very good with my low-GI and exercise really. Though I have stayed mainly eating low GI products, and keep doing those choices, I wasn't really eating regularly from September and exercise... I have kind of forgotten about that. Whenever I happen to have the chance to do long walks, I feel really great afterwards, but most of the times I skip it.

So, I have seen how much good energy I have lost with the last 2 months and how couple of kilograms have returned, so today I really had a "talk with myself" and measured my current sizes, opened up my low-GI cookbooks, went to the shop and picked up products I needed and actually, cooked myself at home for just myself since forever.

I really dont want to feel miserable. I have been there and done that.

I guess another inspiration that I had was watching some videos of a girl about my own age, who managed to loose the same amount of weight I've got to loose. I mean, she went from around 300 lbs down to 140-150 lbs. When I looked at the pictures she had put up, I was like, hah, this is my body now! And even though she doesn't have PCOS, it was very inspiring to see, that someone has managed this. So I can too.

I have upgraded my food and exercise diary to online, so I can check in wherever I am and simply do that with my smartphone.

So, I am going to be more active writing here once again and just to also say, I didn't quit in the meanwhile, I just got bit more lazy, and that needs to stop:)

Current weight: 134 kg = 295 lbs
BMI: 44.8

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