30 November 2012

keeping a food diary, loosing weight and drinking water!

It's been a stressful week with a lot going on. 

Firstly, work. My replacement hasn't joined the team yet as she is down with pneumonia, so I have a hard time with everything going on at work and having the industry meetings same time and the festival, it has been a lot.

Yet, I am proud to say, I have been keeping up with my low GI eating, with walking as much as I can, sleeping more, keeping a food-and-exercise diary and here are some thoughts.

I started my food diary at Google Docs actually, cause I discovered I am not good at keeping a diary on paper or at blog, so I started a simple excel, where I keep my daily food intake, exercise, water consumption and.. mood diary.

What I have noted with the first week is that:
a) I eat too little (skip some eating times)
b) I move too little

Every time I skip a meal, my mood drops and I do less. Logical, right? But with busy schedules and lots of meetings it is easy to not notice, so this diary has actually been extremely helpful for me and I intend to keep it running. As it is also online, I can access it easily any time I'm out cause I can simply access it with my smartphone, wonderful!

Another thing that I noticed is, I have lost my normal 8-cups-of-water-per-day rule, and there were days I noticed I only had a glass of water and the rest of it was coffee. So this is changed! I intend to have 8 cups of water and 1 cup of coffee per day during the whole week and am extremely proud of that!

I haven't had the chance to move around as much as I wanted though. I do walk now more, rather than riding a tram for 2 stops for example, and I have been looking into some gyms and possibilities to go there, but money is a bit tight these days, so I am planning to keep walking, insert some swimming and sticking mainly with low gi + walking for starters. I also talked to a neighbor of mine that perhaps she can borrow some of her home-gym equipment to try out, so I could see, what I like and so.. Especially as she isn't using those things right now.

I think with my weight being so high, I can really do walking, cycling, swimming, some gymnastics (I hope its the right word in English, hmm), some simple yoga and tai chi. Not too much more, cause it might actually be bad for my knees and stuff I think.

I did cheat a bit. Well, not cheat, but I had planned not to.. So.. I had couple of glasses of wine on Tuesday and few shots.. I just couldn't keep going at the film festival closing party with all of the business-talk and not having any wine.. And later on a close friend expected me to come and say bye as he was leaving for South Africa for few months.. Oh well, the drinks were good and the night out was refreshing, but I must say, the next morning I was so sorry I had them. Alcohol is like the number 1 anti-dieting thingy!


Excess of hair has been hard though. I have started to understand, that my hirsutism has started to limit my life and has snuck in so slowly, I haven't even noticed, that I have started avoiding going out, meeting friends, meeting family during the past years more and more. Whenever someone gets close to me, I break the flirt and turn it into a friendship so that no-one would get close to me.. Wtf?! In my field of work being anti-social and even more, ending up alone, is not a good way to go. I had a chance to read couple of very open articles (British magazines) about depression related to hirsutism and all of the psychological issues people have gotten from it, starting from loosing self-confidence until caving in.. And I read and I realized this is me already! This was a very good reality check and it is another motivation for me to realize, I need to get my body right and hope, that loosing the extra weight will influence my ovaries AND my hirsutism in the right direction.

I also did some research and it seems that Vaniqa might have started to sell in my country, so I shall perhaps now, after many years, see again my general doctor, my gynecologist and my endocrinologist after many years to run my blood-work, do an ultrasound and hopefully get prescription for Vaniqa, if it is true, that it sells here now.. I really hope they do, but there seems to be so little information, that I hope Im not getting my hopes out without a reason.


Another thing I want to do in nearby future, is to look more deeply into natural remedies. Vitex, vitamin D, peppermint, cinnamon, ... All of those things. And read more about acupuncture positive outcomes on pcos. I realize, I know too little of other peoples cases and yet I know there is a list of positive ways to heal my body also with natural things, so I want to know more!


Anyhow. Happy that I have this corner for sharing. And I'm happy that even though I've had very many very low moments during this week, it HAS been a great week actually health wise and I'm waiting for my weekend weight-in.

Oh well, there is a huge snowstorm outside and I guess it is time to get my min. 8 hour sleep.

Cheers, dear all!

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