04 December 2012

healthy monday

The city is covered in snow.. A true winter wonderland, huh! So I spent 2 hours shoveling the snow and walking up the stairs after it I was so tired, and yet so energized! For the first time in a looooong time I can also feel some muscles I had forgotten about thanks to my morning exercises and I must say, it feels absolutely motivating, inspiring and makes me feel grateful for pulling myself together! 

With the changes within last 6 months and especially the last weeks, I an already see positive results:

- no headaches lately
- body hurts less when waking up, especially knees-legs-neck-shoulders, what a relief! I can reverse this pain!
- waking up feeling rested, more or less OK mood, much less fatigue
- don't feel noxious or tired after eating - win, win, win!!!
- the dark skin patches are all getting brighter, well, it has been a longer process, first I noticed them disappearing when I stopped eating bread, wheat etc and in end of summer I had sometimes bread and wheats, now I have cut them again and again the skin patches are dissolving into normal skin color
- I've been loosing less hair during the last month in general as it seems to me after showering.. And I used to have to clean A LOT of lost hair after every time of showering or brushing or even just ... touching my hair. This has really gone back more to normal after more than a year of this chaos! Might be also less stress and better eating habits; I also don't wash my hair as often as I used to: have come from once a day (absurdly too often!) to once or twice a week, also I don't use any shampoos or conditioners, only 100 % herbal and ecological mixtures or as mostly, natural solutions (egg or lemon or bread - yes, it can sound crazy for a lot of You, but it suits me and I like it a lot and my hair seems to like it too
- teeth gum are less infectious and bleed less than a month ago, yai!

On the "worse" side of the change in diet and exercise (not really bad or anything, just some more annoying temporary things, heh):

- I can't stand staying in the office, I feel restless and don't want to stay behind the computer.. I'm constantly wanting to go out and walk..! I guess this IS positive actually, haha.
- I've been quite flatulent, khmmmmm, and mainly because of eating all those beans and fresh vegetables I believe, but a bit of Espumisan every now and then helps during the "change"
- skin is sort of detoxing - some infection and light acne, but it is normal when diet is changed and normally goes all OK within 2-3 weeks, so I'm not stressing about that

Some more about my daily changes in life. 

- While last weekend I kicked out all "not wanted foods" from my home, then ...
- today I kicked out all chemicals out of my home that were still left there, even that I didn't use them.

Basically my neighbor received a bucket of: Cif, Domestos, various washing powders like Tide, Ariel, various shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, cremes, hairsprays, lotions, soaps... Loads of good stuff actually I guess. For someone. NOT ME!

A lot of it has stayed from various guests staying at my place during summer or when I'm renting my place out for short term or when my relatives fly in etc, and I haven't been using most of this stuff myself for quite long time, but now I also wanted it out of the apartment.

I have replaced a lot of these things for cleaning either with vinegar, soda and lemon or some ecological and bio solutions. For my own body and washing I use as handmade bio soaps, lemon (of course dissolved with water), honey, egg, clay and lot's of other more regular stuff in various recipes. For cream I still use good old blue-can Nivea though. The smell of it just reminds me of childhood and my Mom and I love its richness. And of course special toothpaste, cause of my supersensitive and infectious gums, that need some extra help.

Guess a lot of my friends and family at some point have visited me and asked, how do I live and why do I do this. I also thought at some point. But then I also realized, wtf, I was spending SO much money on chemicals and products I didn't need, that smelled nasty and that made my skin and nose itchy the time I saw or smelled them. And that eventually even didn't do too much good for my BODY. And let's be honest, my family and quite a few of my friends have started taking care of themselves in that sense as well.

I really strongly believe, that a PCOS heart, mind and soul needs to be in less toxicated environment, both psychologically but also physically. Me-4-years-ago would laugh at myself so hard right now reading these lines..

But please keep in mind, this is NOT here about me judging ppl who choose to use those kind of helpful products or trying to convince anyone to do the same. I guess I'm just telling my story and if someone finds this interesting, I am more than happy to share my experiences. This is just the way I have decided to do and let's be honest, I'm still at the very beginning of this path! I still sometimes wash my hair with too warm water + raw egg and realize at some point I have.. kind of boiled egg pieces in my hair. Yes, those are the moments I am just laughing at myself of being silly and remembering for next time to use colder water with egg.. Or when honey gets all sticky and I am late because I couldn't get the honey off and all those stories, there has been tons! But I like it and take it sort of as a little adventure and hobby really.


And shortly about what I had on my menu today:

Breakfast: wholegrain oat porridge with non sweetened natural yogurt, 1 apple, coffee with skimmed milk and 2 sugar substitudes

Snack: 2 small marshmallows (hah, office life..), 3 glasses of water, 2 apples, 1 tea with ginger and lemon (both fresh!)

Lunch: minced meat (low fat) with basil, pepper, chilly, little salt + integral pasta (1/3 of cup) + 1 glass of water

Snack: 1 glass of plum yogurt (0,1 %), 2 apples

Dinner: big bowl of salad: grated carrot, leek (namnam!), apple, small piece of brie, feta cheese, red beans, super small piece of smoked ham + 1 slice of wholegrain black bread + 1 glass of water

Snack: 2 apples, 1 wholegrain toast with light Philadelphia

Total of water during the day: 11 cups
Coffee: 1 cup
Exercise: shoveling snow 2 hours, walking 40 min
Cigs: 8 (wow, I'm proud of myself!)

Bad sides: didn't do morning exercise today, will do 1,5x longer tomorrow!

Alright, once again its 2 AM.. Time to sleep to wake up early and do that morning exercise and RISE AND SHINE.

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