02 December 2012

me myself and I!


Weekend has started and it is crazy cold out here, -11 C and getting towards -20 C! 
But then, these are the kind of days that are sometimes best spent alone doing all the un-done and yet loved things like cleaning up, washing laundry, cooking at home, calling or writing friends that I've left without attention, listening to old tracks of Coldplay (huh?! and painting at midnight! Yeah, I set up a painting corner at my studio apartment and it felt great to splash around.

I set up a list of PCOS-related things for myself on Friday morning for weekend as well, and here is the list:

- Go walking! Yes it's cold, but so what! Warm clothes, fast walking pace and all shall be good. So that's what I did today. Instead of going to the closest shop to get razors and soy milk, I went all the way to the furthest shop and walked a circle to get there and even longer detour for getting back home.

- Drink water! So I discovered that instead of drinking water every now and then, it's nice to prepare a bottle of water and make sure I drink from it every now and then to keep hydrated and get my daily water consumption (I try to keep it at healthy 1,5-2 liters per day). 

- Drink peppermint and fresh ginger tea! It's healthy, it's energizing and it keeps me warm. So I put a teaspoon of (home-grown) peppermint leaves and slice a few pieces of ginger, sometimes add teaspoon of (neighbors from countryside) honey (though I try to not have more than 1-2 teaspoons per day, really). 

- Do morning exercise. Even just 15 minutes. So today I put on an old rumba-flamenco CD that my cousin from the states gave me 15 years ago, and did some very simple exercises that popped to my mind. After that I also did a few exercises from tai chi and yoga rehearsals that I remembered and next week I'll post a few video links to some nice routines I have found helpful for a nice morning/evening relaxation with tai chi and yoga. They are totally OK to be done for a person in my weight (if You don't have any other medical issues, e.g. bad knees or other). Actually, talking about bad knees and such. I have discovered that sometimes my legs start to hurt and when I wake up in the morning, it is kind of "feely" to step on my feet, and my whole body hurts and is not so very flexible. This is EXACTLY what this terrible over-weight does to me! Feeling like 60 at age of 25!

- Cook all meals at home over the weekend! Well, I actually visited my parents for breakfast, which was lovely. Since long time, I had a chance to visit them, I was in a good mood and so were they. 

We ate wholegrain porridge (made on basis of water, not milk!) with some low-fat yogurt on it, a nice cup of coffee with skimmed milk and a small bowl of fresh basil with pine apple (fresh, not sweetened), low-fat ham (from an ecological farm we order food from). I'm glad to see, my parents have really started to dig the healthy food during the last years. Mainly of course because a) my dad was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and needs to eat low-GI as well and b) cause my mom was diagnosed with reflux, so she has been eating groups of foods separate actually and also was advised by her acupuncturist/chinese medicine specialist to never eat cold foods, at least room-temperature. I also found this nice article few days back about why it is good to start a day with a bowl of porridge: http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012...ugar-breakfast

For lunch I made a simple vegetable soup and for dinner fresh basil salad with local ecological farm cottage-like cheese (low fat), tomatoes, dried apricots, ham, boiled egg-whites and kidney beans.

For snacks in between the meals I had ginger-peppermint tea, drank loads of water, had a plum muesli bar (this time from shop, not home-made..) and hummus (see a nice recipe here http://www.mendosa.com/recipe4.html) 

- Keep up the food-mood-exercise diary. Well, as I wrote earlier, I keep it on Google Docs as I really didn't like any of the online food diaries that are out there. Some of them want me to count calories (and I know I would stop after a few weeks..), others want every item to be searched and the interface's aren't very comfy.. So Google Docs is superfine for me and I have been keeping it up! Did a short analyze of the previous week as well, counted some of the calories to make sure, if I was alright and yes, I have cut about 500 kcal (needed for healthy weight loss) most of the days and I have also started moving more, so all seems good! Weigh-in awaits tomorrow actually! I feel/think, I have lost around 2kg (about 4 lbs) during the last week, which is higher than normal, but then again I'm at so high weight right now, that at the beginning the weight will go faster and later get super slow as I know from my own experience. But I shall see tomorrow.
- Find my blender to make smoothies! I have no idea where have I lost it. Got to find it and start doing all of those energizing and superb smoothies again!

- DRESS UP! Do my hair, wear a dress, put on a little lipstick. Yes! I need to take more care of my looks! I was really-really-really inspired by a co-cyster's blog, that I found in this forum: http://thecurvyblogger.com/ and so I yes, I spend my day at home, but I did wear a dress I hadn't wore a long time and I felt 10 x better already!

- Get rid of non-low-GI foods! So I went through all of my cupboards in kitchen and everything starting to corn flakes finishing up with white sugar went to my neighbor, who was very glad to have them and I was glad to get rid of them. Goodbye white pasta and flour, sugar, sweeteners, sugared cacao, cookies, white rice, sweetened milk, sweetened & canned fruits and all that crap. I haven't eaten them in ages, but they were still in my cupboards and it was time to say officially goodbye. It felt good. And now finally all my crazy spices, integral foods (pasta, basmati rice, wholegrain stocks and all that) could fit perfectly well.


On Friday I also booked a time to the best PCOS specialist in my country, whom I've always wanted to go to. Now is the perfect chance, cause my previous gyno is now working only with op and onc patients, so I will make the switch. She is also combination of gynecologist and endocrinologist and specializes in PCOS!

I will see her on Febr 21, 2013. I really want to also know if there are any possibilities to join some clinical/medial researches. I know they run them in Yale, Leeds (UK) and Oulu (Finland), but nothing seems to be happening here, in Estonia.

Meeting a doctor after such a long time is another motivation for me. I will get all the tests done before I go, so she can also look at them all. My hope is, that by the time I go to her in nearly 3 months, I will have managed to loose another 35-40 lbs (15-18 kg) in addition to the 15 lbs I've lost so far from my starting point of my highest weight ever (April 2012). I'm pretty sure I will be immediately prescribed Metformin again, but I guess its OK. I'm ready for it. But I do want to loose part of that weight beforehand on my own, to prove a point or something!: )

So well, that's that. It's almost 3 am and I'm awake, still. So I didn't go out on a date, I didn't meet up with my ex, I didn't get any wine or beer and I didn't socialize today, but hey, I had a beautiful day with ME, MYSELF and I! 

Oh, I also wanted to post my "motivational" mid-steps for loosing weight:

My height is: 173 cm and I am 25 years old.

My max weight was: April 2012 / 138.8 kg = 306 lbs = BMI 46.4
1st goal: -10% / 125 kg = 275 lbs = BMI 41.8
2nd goal: - 10 % / 112.5 kg = 248 lbs = BMI 37.6
3rd goal: under 100 kg / 99 kg = 218 lbs = BMI 33.1
4th goal: under 90 kg / 89 kg = 196 lbs = BMI 29.7
5th goal: under 80 / 79 kg = 174 lbs = BMI 26.4
6th goal reaching healthy BMI: 75 kg = 165 lbs = BMI 25
7th goal: reaching dream-weight somewhere around 65-69 kg = 143-152 lbs = BMI 21.7-23.1
Total loss: around 69 kg = 152 lbs. Yes, that is more than half of my body weight. And I plan to do this within 20 months from Nov 2012.

I better try to get some sleep to have an early start tomorrow and have the max of the first advent and the winter-wonderland we have here.

Hugs to all of You out there!

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