23 March 2013

acupuncture for PCOS

Pic from: http://www.whitelotusclinic.ca/blog/dr-fiona-nd/acupuncture-for-ovulation-disorders-and-pcos/

Tarryn has done a great job on writing about acupuncture and PCOS. Check out the two posts here:

Acupuncture for PCOS: http://www.pcosdietsupport.com/treatments/acupuncture-for-pcos/
PCOS and Acupuncture 2 - the Research: http://www.pcosdietsupport.com/treatments/pcos-and-acupuncture-the-research/#comment-1165

I love, that Tarryn also points out research part and invests the time in finding more. Also, I'd recommend checking out reader's comment's part, where You can read more about other cysters experience with acupuncture.

I've decided, as my birthday is just around the corner, to treat myself with a healthy gift - going to an acupuncturist

My mom had amazing results and also took the eating and exercise suggestions from him and went from tons of medications for reflux, vertigo, panic seizures to no medication, loss of weight and floods of energy. She also had a nerve infection, which made half of her body paralysed few years back and acupuncture helped her to recover 100 %. 

She's been going on and on that I should go, and I've always said yes-yes, when I have more time. Well, now I have more time. So I will do it.

I'll be writing to the acupuncturist here in Estonia and will see, when he has time. The first time diagnosis and session costs 50 EUR and every follow up 35 EUR. Not too cheap, but I think even if it's just for relaxation and no other function, it will be a great experience and definitely worth to try, in case this will actually help my PCOS!

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