25 March 2013

day 21

Weighed in today at 284.4 lbs (130.2 kg), giving me a -1.6 lbs for the week and -19.6 lbs all together. This means I'm back to the weight I had manage to loose to beginning of July 2012 and means from here on every pound lost will be kicking the ass of old plateu-ing!

Ready for 30 Day Shred with Jillian! Level 1 / Day 3

My BMI has dropped from 46.4 to 43.5. Made me really happy and definitely motivated to do my morning exercise (30-day-shred level 1 day 3) and was jumping around after a good shower, dancing to Depeche Mode old songs and cooking breakfast. I just feel so pretty and sexy today! I feel like top of the world and just keeping at it.

two hard-boiled eggs (no salt added!) with frillice salad, tomato, red bell pepper, bit of sesame seeds, few walnuts, one spray of olive oil, two slices of smoked ham, cup of freshly squeezed orange juice, cup of coffee with dash of almond milk and my vitamins (I have to say, D3 is making my dryish skin so much better!) and small bowl of plain yoghurt (unsweetened, 2.5 % fat) with banana slices

I'm also noticing that I really need to get my nutritional balance to an even better shape, so this is part of my this week's challenge to have more protein. I've turned to Fiona Carns & Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller's cookbook for that "High Protein, Low GI, Bold Flavor: Recipes to Boost Health and Promote Weight Loss" (I got it last year for a good price). Not sure how much of the cooking I will be doing from the book this week, but giving time today for myself to re-read into the theoretical part and see if any of the recipes are doable with the stuff I have at home currently. I've cooked from the book before though, an easy to use, tasty and most of the stuff anyway stocked at home, so I'll see. 

I have to say, my nutrition is fairly balanced by the low-gi balance, but the fat and protein are pretty much equal in the game and fat in some days goes higher than protein - well, it's supposed to be the other way around, so I need to fix that.

three slices of smoked ham (veal, lean, 36 grams) and a small apple

walnuts, banana, tried apricots

pike fillet fried on non-sticky pan and on another small pan fried in olive oil some garlic, lemon zest, fresh thyme, pepper, salt and almond slices - delicious topping for the fish! The recipe is off from abive mentioned Fiona Cars cookbook, bit modified. And of course fresh salad with red bell pepper and tomato and few walnuts; for desert slide of lemon sponge cake (here goes the last piece...)

An hour or so after lunch I was feeling I want to bite something.. I wasn't hungry at all, just wanting to SNACK! Mouth was watery for snacking. This is a new one during these 21 days.. So few dried apricots and two small oranges. Soon I wanted more! So I prepared three small bowls: one with fruits, second with plain yoghurt and bananas and third with nuts, apricots and dark 70 % chocolate. So, this was my snack/dinner/something tonight. Pretty weird though.

Water: 10 cups (2,4 litres)
Ciggies: 6
Mood: excellent!

30 day shred / level 1, day 3 / morning
15 min abs and squads / evening

Sadly didn't have the chance to get off to the gym, had just too much school work to finish. 

Overall a quite good Monday. 

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