27 March 2013

day 22

Uh, today was hard core active day! Was going from one place to another and oops, the day was finished and it's already well past midnight and I still need to prepare some stuff for tomorrow. Oh well. 

The day was beautiful though, sunny and blue-skied and warm. The snow is melting away and even though it's so icy, it's wonderful to walk around. Of course I had to put my spring boots on and "skate around". Noticed also, that while the boots were very tight on my calf in autumn, they are loose now!

Also did my exercise during the first half of the day, so felt really loaded on energy the whole day and was really enjoying my fast walk on the treadmill today; upped my levels and did real well, I think. I really felt like I wanted to run already. 

And even fitted an hour and a half with my two besties at an Italian place for some coffees. They had those wonderful Italian cakes as well, but I decided I didn't need it. It was great to get all the compliments for looking great though and also to be able to get some girl-talk around AND to share my happiness about eating healthy and doing a lot of exercise. They are both really fit girls, but neither of them does (any!) exercise these days, but nevertheless, they were glad for me and really supportive. Love those girls;) 

Even though I didn't eat a proper lunch and instead had various snacks, I'm pretty happy I managed eating healthy while not being able to cook properly or take my time.

two boiled eggs with smoked veal ham, frillice salad and red bell pepper and few walnuts, 1/3 cup of coffee with almond milk and my vitamins

smoothie with blueberries, raspberries and banana (note: no almond milk or dairy added!)

Post-workout snack: 
smoothie with blueberries, raspberries and banana

one veal cutlet with bit of buckwheat and a banana (I was in such a hurry, that I literally didn't have time to eat more)

Catching-up-with-girlfriends time:
two cafe latte's at an Italian coffee-place with a teaspoon of brown sugar

two coconut cereals

ground veal meat with wholegrain pasta, frillice salad and red bell pepper, cup of water

I'm yet again surprised how much fat veal meat extracts from itself; I literally toss it around on a paper towel before eating to get the grease off and yet it's more healthy than cow or pork!

Also, surprisingly managed to fit some good exercise to my day:

- 45 min walking moderate pace (3 km/h)
- 30 min walking treadmill (weight loss program level 5, uphill, 5 km/h)
- 20 min cycling (fitness weight loss program level 5, 20-24 km/h)
- 5 min rowing 
- 20 min swimming freestyle laps (quite proper effort)

The few next days are gonna be really challenging, cause I have a lot of packing still to do, an exhibition opening on Thursday (big!), a good friends bday on Thursday night and celebrating my best friends and mine birthdays on Friday evening and continuing with family dinner and Easter Sunday on the weekend. I plan to fit my daily exercise to the day's though, even though I obviously need to do some modification's, cause I just won't be able to fit EVERYTHING I had planned for this week in the schedule as school stuff needs attention too. But no stress, I'm taking it easy and keeping in mind, that my eating and sleeping are my highest priority. 

Until soon!

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