12 March 2013

day 8

Hey ya all. Kind of slept long today. Just didn't want to wake up. Perhaps the exercise yesterday.

What I really like about not-working right now (and realizing every day, what a luxury I have!) that I wake up, have time to have a cup of coffee and breakfast and read what's going on in the PCOS world. Really dedicating myself to ME right now at this stage of my life.

Today I'm not working out, have to catch up some of my university paperworks that are due and will just eat healthy.


2 egg whites, 5 slices of veal ham, spinach-basil salad with sunflower seeds and dash of olive oil, green onion, cup of coffee with skimmed milk and sugar substitute tablets

wholegrain high-on-fibre apple muffin, strawberry-banana smoothie with skimmed milk, banana-chocolate muesli bar

chicken breast fillet with frillice-spinach-basil-orange-carrot salad, cup of smoothie (strawberry-banana-skimmed milk), hmm the huge amount of green is sort of hidden under all of the orange-yellow;)

apple and orange, 12 g of sunflower seeds & later a cup of coffee with skimmed milk and sugar substitute 

ground veal, integral pasta, broccoli, for sweets banana-chocolate muesli bar


5 min stretching in the morning

Cals: ate almost all my calories today, jippi.
Exercise: should of done more, but today school had to be priority
Ciggies: few too many
Coffee: 2 cups
Eating: very healthy, low gi and balanced nutrition


Overall feeling good. Feel like I've eaten a lot today - good! That's the thing when I'm at home, I have time eating and drinking regularly and not starting to feel hungry. The best.


Been also reading about possible vitamins, supplements, natural remedies.. I know my diet is showing I'm taking too little iron, calcium and potassium already, so I will research how I can make my daily food intake more rich in them to keep it balanced. But then again there is a lot of discussion on different supplements, vitamins or spices being good for a pcos-er. Yet, there is little research on it. I have tried previously drinking more peppermint tea, adding turmeric to my food (cause I just love it), taking calcium, vitamin D and omega 3 in wintertime etc..

I've compiled a list of stuff I'm researching. I really want to do a proper home-work and also discuss them with my doctor. I mean, I'm not looking for cure in any of the things listed below, but if in small injections to my daily food they can balance my nutrition AND be good for my symptoms, I'm willing to try. 

I mean, there are tons of things ppl are listing as "cure", but what are their all real benefits? Are they just good to be added to food, taken in capsules etc..?! I think it all needs to be really researched AND balanced. I know little about the topic and I'm researching it myself now and comparing it with my own nutrition plan (I am quite confident, my nutrition knowledge by today is already quite good and when in need, I do ask a nutritionist to answer my questions), seeing what is missing, trying to add to it through foods (e.g. omega 3 in salmon, calcium in milk, vitamin A in carrots etc) and I think it is extremely important to discuss those choices also with doctor to make sure, any of those things isn't nullifying the medications one is taking. The BASE of it needs to be nutrition and seeing the overall picture. Any kind of simple "I now only take cinnamon for rest of my life" blabla won't work really, right? That is just obsession and doesn't fit with healthy diet suggestions at all.

First I want to group them to see what are good for nutrition in general IF I'm lacking any of them, then see, what are their "supposed" benefits for health and pcos symptoms and then see, if I can take them naturally (in food) or I would need to take capsules/pills. Cause the last one I'm not that in-to. I'd rather get my vitamin A from carrots and omega-3 from salmon rather than taking them in capsules.

Feel free to comment or refer to posts related (though I am going through the posts on natural remedies thread) or articles or researches You've read on the topic. I'll try to summarize my personal choices later on when I've come to some decisions.

I do believe some of those things CAN be working for an individual person depending on their diet/nutrition, but should be really analysed.

The list I've gathered from various posts, articles, discussions is as follows:

- multivitamin
- calcium
- vitamin A
- vitamin B (B2, B3, B5, B6, B12)
- vitamin D
- vitamin E
- iron
- omega 3
- chrome
- magnesium
- zinc (hirsutism)
- licorice root (hirsutism)
- potassium
- cinnamon (blood sugar, IR)
- vitex (agnus castus or in my language, monk pepper/mungapipar)
- peppermint (spearmint tea 3-4 cups/day)
- saw palmetto (serenoapalm for testosterone levels)
- black cohosh (anti-andogen, that can nullify birth control's effectiveness though?)
- turmeric

Looking at that list I would say half of those things should be in a balanced nutrition anyway and I would say drinking peppermint tea few cups a day won't hurt anyone, but it needs to be BALANCED. I don't get tired of repeating that.

Anyhow, balanced eating, balanced exercise, balanced sleep and balanced level of stress with medications suggested/discussed through with our specialists - doctors, seems to be the real key to success in living with PCOS.


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