12 February 2013

goal for the first milestone -10 % weight-loss (-30 lbs / -13,8 kg)

It's been nearly 2 months that I've been away from here and I must say, the lack of being here is also a reflection in the eating habits. I was training a new person to take over my spot at the working place I had decided to leave and for 2 weeks now I'm off the duty and I guess the last 2 months were taken over by stress, random eating, lack of sleep and lot's and lot's of other stuff like that.

So for the fast weeks I've been mainly sleeping, watching films, eating (random stuff!) and sleeping again. Not that I'm yet tired of it, but it's just the fact that my physical feeling is not so great due to lack of discipline in workout and my diet. More often I have this weird "feeling" around my heart and my legs get quite tired, not to mention all of the sweating all the time I move a bit more or take a longer walk. Phh! As I now have nearly 6 months for more relaxed time, I intend to really concentrate on my eating as well.

My highest ever was 306 lbs (138.8 kg) in April 2012, I managed to loose nearly 20 lbs by July, but now I've popped up to 295 lbs (134.1 kg). Today's weight. Also, today I made sure to fully resume low-gi eating and started my day with ham and wholegrain toast and healthy home-made plov (pilaf) for lunch. 

My goal is to reach -10 % weight loss by end of March 2013 reaching 275 lbs (125 kg). So let's see how that goes. Anyhow, I'll be updating my actions about exercise and eating.

I've also found a really inspiring blog/weight-loss story, which apparently in the States has travelled all around media. Well, for me it was the first time to read it and I found it heart-warming to read: http://lynnsweigh.blogspot.com/

So, to reach my first milestone -10 % (-30 lbs / -13,8 kg), my plan for the following 35 days is as follows:

- low GI diet (Rick Gallop's starting phase recipes)
- morning exercise/tai chi exercises, walking 1-2 h per day, swimming 1-2 per week, start going to gym (cycling, walk treadmill)
- drinking water (1,5-2 liters per day)
- weight in once a week

Total: 35 days to still loose 20 lbs (9.1 kg) by March 19, 2013.

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