11 March 2013

new week

Well hello Monday!

Here are my goals for this week:

- cook recipes from R. Gallop's "GI Diet" (e.g. lasagne and the muesli bars and muffins)
- eat carrots every day
- eat more proteins (fish, meat) and less fats and carbs
- continue eating low-gi
- max 2 cups of coffee per day

- drink every day minimum 10 cups of water 

- go to gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday to do 30-60 min swimming and 30 min workout at gym (cycling or walking on treadmill)

- every time when possible, choose walking instead of public transportation or car
- choosing stairs instead of elevators

- hopefully dropping 1,5 - 2,5 kg within a week.. 

- going to sleep no later than midnight and wake up no later than 9.30 AM

- no more than 5 cigarettes per day


Even though I had problems falling asleep last night, I woke up at around 11 AM, so a perfect start for a day. Had a breakfast at parent's place and went for a swim (35 min). After that straight to see my General Doctor to check my EKG, blood pressure, blood test results.

Apparently, all my tests are very good and at healthy range compared to the ones taken in 2009 (good back then as well). My blood sugar, thyroid, EKG, liver - everything is good and fresh and functioning well. The only thing that had risen slightly was cholesterol, which wasn't much higher, it's still close to normal (that it was in 2009), but it had risen a bit, so the doctor made a comment about it to watch it. Also my blood pressure was at 137/80, though doc didn't comment on that. It's sort of normal blood pressure for me considering I'm overweight and smoking.. But will try to get it lower. And the only thing "showing" I'm off the health-track is actually my BMI and weight.

Oh well, that is good. I was actually expecting to be diagnosed with high blood pressure disease and possibly pre-diabetes sugar levels, and I was even ready to face it. I mean, it should of taken me already a while back! 

But I mean, the doctor herself also laughed a bit, that this is what human body can do, with age 25 and carrying nearly 300 pounds on my shoulders this is about the last minute. If I wouldn't be working on myself now, soon I'd be suffering under a million things. And she is right. Another good reminder I'm lucky, that I'm taking action now. Overall the meeting went real well, she was highly encouraging and we agreed I'd be checking in with the results from the cardiologist and endocrinologist and gynaecologist once I see them and run all my check-ups with them as well (last done in 2009).


Exercise today:
swimming 35 min freestyle laps
walking 45 min in medium pace

Eating today:

Wholegrain oatmeal porridge with unsweetened yoghurt and orange pieces, cup of peppermint tea.

three cereal bars, an apple

yesterday's left-over chicken (with all the veggies), integral pasta, boiled broccoli,  raw and fresh frillice + spinach + basil + dill + green onion salad, cup of skimmed milk

3,5 wholegrain apple muffins (recipe from R. Gallop's "Low GI Diet") and 2 cups of smoothie (frozen and not sweetened strawberries, bananas with skimmed milk), 1 carrot

5 slices of veal ham, 1 orange, bit of sunflower seeds


Calories: ate all my cal's (and didn't use the exercise ones)
Water: 9 cups
Ciggies: 3, but most probably will have 1 more before sleep
Coffee: non


There was a discussion about drinking water today on Soulcysters and wanted to comment on it here as well.

I've never been too keen on soda's, so cutting them out hasn't been hard for me. I like water. I like the taste of cold water. And when I get tired of it, I add a slice of lemon, lime, orange, cucumber, strawberry or watermelon in it. When I really get tired of it, I drink mineral water with gas for a while. 

Drinking water is so important part of loosing weight AND being healthy in general. I also try to divide my water in-take to 5 parts of the day. I try to consume water before every meal (3 meals, 2 snacks) and I also drink water while I work out. 

Also here is another reason why not to drink soda's given in image:


Oh well, maybe watching little bit of TV or reading.. ;)

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