20 April 2013

mid goal #1: -10 % and progress pics

Well, my weight had seemed to stubbornly be going up and down +/- 0,6 kg (1,3 pounds) during this past week, but finally I have reached -10 % and am at 125 kg / 275 lbs. 

I've made some progress pics and measured myself again today to bring up my mood and posting the results here. I think looking at the new pics and measurements just boosted my energy through the sky, so I ended up spending the day cleaning my parents place, hanging out and playing with my 2-year old niece and even got some exercise done today. Very good day.

18th of April 2012 versus 20th of April 2013 (kilograms - centimetres version):

Hight: 173 cm
BMI: 46.4 > 41.8 = still obese class III
Weight: 138.8 kg > 125 kg = - 13.8 kg
Waist: 129 cm > 108 cm = - 21 cm
Hips: 140 cm > 130 cm = - 10 cm
Bust: 128 cm > 119 cm = - 9 cm
Under bust: 107 cm > 101 cm = - 6 cm
Calf: 50 cm > 47 cm = - 3 cm
Thigh: 77 cm > 70 cm = - 7 cm
Neck: 42 cm > 41 cm = - 1 cm
Clothes: 56/58 > 50/52

18th of April 2012 versus 20th of April 2013 (pounds - inches version):
Hight: 5'8''
BMI: 46.4 > 41.8 = still obese class III
Weight: 306 lbs > 275 lbs = -31 pounds
Waist: 50.8 > 42.5 = -8.3 inches
Hips: 55.1 > 51.2 = -3.9 inches
Bust: 50.4 > 46.6 = -3.8 inches
Under bust: 42.1 > 39.8 = -2.3 inches
Calf: 19.7 > 18.5 = -1.2 inches
Thigh: 30.3 > 27.6 = -2.7 inches
Neck: 16.5 > 16.1 = -0.4 inches
Clothes: 28/30 > 20/22

And I guess today is one of the last days I can wear these panties, cause they are slipping down. I've already changed my bra to a smaller under-bust number and bigger cup, hehehe. Hm, the "progress" back-pic is kind of funny, I just couldn't get it from good angle, so live with it;)

I've shared some of my results and changes in symptoms over here and there, but summing it up here as well as under my -10 % weight loss achievement:

- huge relief in dark skin patches; bit left on the neck, slightly between legs and under armpits, but I think the latter ones will always stay, as my other relatives have those areas darker too (and they are not PCOS); I give most of the credit for relief in that for cutting out sugars and eating now less carbs, especially those "bad" white pasta's, breads etc; if I do eat them, they are whole

Here's my neck a week ago; You can see there is still a darker line on the neckline, but it has decreased from what it used to be over 60 %; the dark patch between

- hair growth has slowed down; first on legs and hands and now also on my face-neck area. I still need to shave my neck and chin and moustache area daily, but instead of doing that twice a day, I can go with once a day on most days. I've been also keeping a shaving/epilating/depilating diary, to keep track of the slowing down. I assume, this is all due to my weight loss and probably improvement in my hormone levels (which are still to be checked next week)

- hair has stopped falling out from scalp, my hairdresser complimented me on my hair recovery and strong hair - I assume this is the results of no stress, lot's of sleep, exercise and healthy eating

- no/less mood swings; most of the time I feel very energetic, up-spirited and willing to be active

- insomnia has disappeared, I can sleep long and deep every night; I assume this is because of exercise and no stress!

- infection in my teeth gum areas has disappeared and are not bleeding any more; I'm convinced this is due to healthy eating, cutting out sugars, additives, processed foods in my life; also less of coffee and cigarettes!

- my nails have become stronger and grow faster - vitamins and minerals must be more balanced

- my skin is not dry anymore, but feels like "baby's butt"; even my elbows and ankles don't have dry skin anymore; sure this is thanks to the D3 20-day intake in March and due to all the healthy oils I've been inserting to my eating: fish, olive oil, nuts

- skin has cleared out and no acne issues there anymore; sometimes I might get one little infectious spot, but it disappears within a day and while before I had the T-section problematic area on my face, I see nothing of such anymore going on!

So all these improvements I put on the account of:

- eating organic and whole foods low-gi, which is PCOS modified (no/less dairy, no refined sugars, no bad carbs such as white rice or pasta or potatoes, no soda's and processed foods)
- calorie counting (though not so religious about it lately)
- having higher protein intake thanks to my home-made protein powders (hemp, chlorella, spirulina, maca, cinnamon)
- having had done 20-day vitamin routine (multivitamin, D3)
- drinking spearmint every now and then, adding turmeric and ginger root to my food and drinks every now and then)
- have cut out home chemistry from my life (no shampoos, washing powders etc)
- exercising regularly (and inserting more of interval exercise's to my routine, and WALKING being my main tool of success)
- sleeping ~ 10 hours per night
- having no stress in my life
- giving myself TIME for improvements and keeping in mind, I'm a happy person and have a beautiful life around me!

I'll be soon posting a short summary of what changes I'm planning to reach my mid goal no 2 (250 lbs).

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