07 April 2013

day 34

Good morning, Sunday! That's EXACTLY how I felt. Even though the sky was showing, that it might get colder and snowing.. Again! Oh well, that won't stop me from feeling great.

Breakfast: whole grain oatmeal porridge with berry yoghurt 
and freshly squeezed orange juice, vitamins, cup of coffee

Little girl woke us up already at 7, but somehow let me sleep longer. But, eventually it is a good thing to start Sunday early, get a porridge in the tummy and get ready for some workout time.

Early in for workout!

Today's exercise:

- 35 min treadmill walking (5-5.5 km/h) - jogging (6.5-7 km/h), weight loss program, level 5, distance done 2.78 km, cal's burned 465, heart rate around 155-169
- 15 min cycling, fitness program intervals, level 5, distance 5.76 km, rpm 72, cal's burned 118, heart rate around 120-129
- 35 chest butterflies
- 35 sit-ups + rest + 15 sit-ups+ rest + 15 sit-ups
- 35 chest butterflies
- 10 sit-ups + rest + 15 sit-ups 
- 15 x 2 side abs (side sit-ups)
- stretching

And no swimming. By the time I had finished, I was getting hungry and the walk-jog really took it's toll. Feeling that my right legs heel is bit "feely", so will look out for that one. Might be doing strengths and swimming in the next days, if the feely thing continues. No time to hurt my heel right now.

Weekly shopping was due as well, here goes the load of fruits!

Post-workout protein shake half-way down to tummy

And mnjammi lunch: buckwheat, frillice, walnuts, dash of olive oil, veal ham, 
red bell pepper, boiled egg and cup of tea with drop of lemon

I feel that my body is changing really rapidly. I've lost quite a lot of fat from under-chest, some from shoulders and upper back, definitely legs are getting much fitter. The lower-tummy is the most problematic area for sure and the knees and hands (inner-biceps) area, but I guess that is something that everyone needs to work on the most.

I will wait still a bit before making progress pictures. When I hit the 275 lbs. I can wait that long. Just a week or two away becoming 10 % lighter from my max weight! Quite excited, actually. That will mark my 31 pounds loss. I really feel very high on self-power and really building up more and more self-confidence these days. Like daily.

As I also wrote earlier this week, I'm not counting my calories currently. Eating by feeling and more or less sticking with what I know - what gives about how many cal's, eating 3 meals and 3 snacks. I feel, that I'm saving time and most probably not putting too much off with the counts, cause I'm feeling great. Next week I will be counting calories again and maybe then again week after do another no-counting. I think I'm finding my balance somewhere here called building up intuition.

Snacking time: an apple and some walnuts

Snack: fresh pine apple pieces

Dinner: low-gi pizza recipe from Rick Gallop's "GI Diet" with 
all very healthy and low-gi ingredients (whole grain flour, bran, 
chutney, red beans, pine apple, onion-garlic-pepper mix, feta cheese
and cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. Perfect Sunday dinner!

Water intake: 3 liters (Wohoo, too much? Well, 1.2 liters went down during the exercise)
Ciggies: 5 (yeah..)

And getting to sleep before midnight, hell yeah! Perfect Sunday to finish up a week of really good eating and exercising. Have a great new week, everyone!

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