08 April 2013

day 35

Waking up to snow, but also sunshine!  Got an early breakfast with a 
shared cup of coffee with dad at their's place, having a nice and warm 
morning talk and off to the city soon after

I also discovered I had lost 4.8 pounds (2.2 kg) since last week. I'm getting very close to -10 %. Still, even though of course I'm glad about the loss, I'm also worried about the number being so big. My aim is to loose pound-pound and a half per week. I'm wondering if I am drinking water too much, if my body is reacting better for not working out every day super hard but doing something every day, yet keeping every second day the hard-core day? Bigger recovery gaps? Or is it the intervals I'm doing in the exercise, mixing it up and not letting my body get used to any routines? Or is it the upped protein levels, that are now for a week balanced and in accordance to 25 % needed for low-gi? 

Well. Many options. Anyhow, I hope this won't mean my weight will get stuck or that I gain back. I just hope the next weeks won't be as fast, cause otherwise I will have to revise. I don't believe in fast weight-loss, I'm more than sure it's unhealthy.

Breakfast: new super healthy whole grain bread from eco-shop, 
bit of margarine, veal ham, low fat cheese, cucumber, frillice salad 
and cup of coffee with almond milk; of course also my vitamins

Spending lunch and afternoon in cafe, meeting up with a friend for a coffee
and continued working there doing my school work. Got loads done!
Lunch: tomato and smoked cheese and basil soup & cup of peppermint tea

6 pm, still at cafe, writing school work. Snack: whole grain dark bread 
with whole egg, bacon, tomato, frillice salad and pepper and cup of coffee 
with milk

Spent evening babysitting my little lovely niece and did myself
my daily protein shake, this time the powder-mix, water, kiwi and bit of agave syrup

Dinner: slice of low-gi pizza (planned) left-overs from last night and bowl of 
fresh pine apple, cup of freshly squeezed orange juice

And a late night snack: two apples, 10 walnuts, 5 almonds

It was good to see my friend and actually to work on school stuff out side of home. It made me work harder and during the 6 hours I spent there, I finished course works for 3 lectures and got half-way through with another one that is passed the due date. This is very much not like me, I always send my stuff on time, but this spring, my Number 1 is obviously health and EVERYTHING else comes second. That applies to friends, schoolwork and future work possibilities. This is the only way it can work for me for now.

No exercise today, but at least got to tick off a list of school work, got to babysit my lovely niece and eat quite healthy (downside being having had 3 big cups of coffee today, definitely not good and having mild headache cause all of the caffeine..). 

Here's to the beginning of a new and great week!

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