14 April 2013

day 40

Last night was long. Danced a lot, drank a lot, smoked a lot and accordingly - slept a lot. Late-late waking up with beautiful breakfast made by my friend followed by a late solitude afternoon walk around misty-rainy Tallinn. Empty streets and the city belonging to me.

Bit of thinking to do on my personal life, but eating was healthy, drank my water and got to do some exercise too.

Breakfast: basically a healthy English breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, cucumber, beans and a huge mug of coffee with skimmed milk. No sausage, mayo, ketchup or other such crap;) 

Pre-workout snack: wholegrain bread with salad, basil, veal ham, low fat cheese, dash of butter, cucumber, an apple and 2/3 cup of yoghurt

And just before closing: 35 min of hard core swimming

Post-workout snack: protein shake with bit of plum yoghurt, agave and water

Snacking time: banana

Dinner: chicken breast fillet with salad, cucumber, basil, carrot and tomato

And walking and walking and walking - gotta love walking!

Didn't eat that much, but getting an early sleep too and breakfast was rich, so.. Oh well.

Yesterday bought myself few new clothes items too. Pants size has dropped from 28-30 to 24. Congrats to me!

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