20 April 2013

day 46

Well, slept most of the day, really. Just had a short walk in the sunny morning, the first true warm day here! But hell, had such a good long sleep. 

Breakfast: 1,2 litres of water, two wholegrain toasts with veal ham and brie cheese and cucumber, banana

Dinner: baltic herring prepared in oven with zucchini and red onions and carrots, some orange bell pepper (raw) and cucumber on the side, slice of gluten-free home-baked bread with organic peanut butter and half a cup of skimmed milk

Snack: organic mango tea with half a teaspoon of honey and 1,2 litres of water, two apples

And that's it, off to sleep again. One of those days. No workout, no eating fully cal's.. 

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