23 April 2013

day 50

Breakfast: two whole eggs with frillice salad and freshly squeezed orange juice

Snack before and after gym: strawberry muesli bar; not the best choice, but since I slept in this morning, didn't have time to prepare anything to go

Before heading to gym, walked for 20 minutes outside. Continued with treadmill at 4.7 km/h for 40 minutes (2.97 km, 463 cal's), continued with 15-20 min of strengths and stretching (35 butterflies from chest with weights, 35 sit-ups, 15 x 2 side-abs, 35 butterflies, 25 sit-ups, another 25 sit-ups and then stretching, stretching, stretching) and continued by 20 min of swimming freestyle laps and walking outside for another 20 minutes

Frozen strawberries melted overnight and bit of water and agave - great and refreshing snack!
Also had a half of a wholegrain toast with basil pesto - mnjammnjamm.

Walked around, also visited recycling/second hand store and supermarket. Found this little nice graffiti on the wall that says "Keep your home-town pretty"

Lunch: wholegrain pasta with basil pesto, piece of pork fillet with sour-sweet sauce (ready-made..), oven-prepared vegetables (cucumber, red onion, turnip), bit of chinese cabbage and frillice salad, red beans, dash of olive oil and slices of melon - delicious meal!

Working on thesis in cafe; raining outside, which makes everyone bit sleepy, but happy too. City is covered in dust, so it's time for a few cafe latte's and a cottage cheese shotshnik

And half a melon for dinner/snack/freshhhnesss & overall water intake today at 3.6 litres

And last but not least, midnight snack - banana!

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