05 May 2013

what about exercise?

So, as I mentioned, on Thursday I had a meeting with personal trainer and I thought to share, what I'm working on from now on.

My twice-a-week routine is as follows:

1. For starters: 10-15 min warming up (e.g. walking on the treadmill)

2. There's a long weight stick that I pick up, then squat (butt back) and while doing that, put the stick down to either my left or right shoulder and then I push the stick up, with my hands straightening out, doing that 15 x.

3. After that I continue to a weight bench (chest press machine, but not while sitting, but while on my back), where I get down on my back, legs kneeled on the bench as well and I do chest push-ups; either side has 2.5 kg and I go 15 x.

4. Now I go to the mat and get down on my knees and hands; I put of my left hand and my right leg, then I take them to side and fingertips touch my toes; switch and same with other hand and leg. I go for that 15 x.

5. Now I'm allowed to rest 1-2 min and then repeat #2, #3 and #4, have another rest 1-2 min and go for the third time with #2, #3 and #4.

6. Continuing to cable row, weights at 3 kg and doing that for 15 x.

7. Continuing with rotary torso machine 30 kg + 10 level for 15 x to left and then 15 x to right.

8. And back to mat, where I stand straight and then take my left hand up (to front) and right leg up (to back) while looking down. Doing that 15 x and then switching hand and leg. Very much about balance as well.

9. Now I repeat #6, #7, #8, rest and again third series of #6, #7 and #8.

10. Going for adductor and inner thigh machine. 30 kg + 5 level. 20 x adductor, 20 x inner. Now repeat 20 + 20, and third time repeat 20 + 20. 

11. From here grabbing a tight roll, lying it on the mat and lying on the top of it with my back and doing abs 15-20 x while trying to balance myself. Repeat twice (in total 45-60 sit-ups like this, balancing on a "roll")

12. Now to triceps extension machine. Level: +5. Doing that 15 x three series (total 45). Trainer made a special comment to make sure not to hurt elbow and always stop whenever feeling it is too much.

13. And continuing to stretching for 15-20 minutes.

Yeah. This IS hard core. I did this all once and went through all with the trainer and either on Sunday or Monday will do my second training of this, though even today, 3 days later, some of my muscles are still bit sore. I think this will be a great workout for me.

So this is going to be happening twice a week and on the other days I will be:
- walking (outside or treadmill)
- cycling (gym or outside)
- jogging (no stress on that)
- swimming (main priority besides walking)

Excited and eager to see results;) I'm truly becoming an exercise junky.. Who could of thought?;)

But I must say, the energy amounts that I have these days, are so rewarding and I can do so much stuff. Skipping an exercise/walk/some other sort of moving around, is simply not an option anymore. I know that thanks to that I can do more, I can work better, I can sleep better and eat better.

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