15 June 2013

aunt flow, hello! it's been FIVE years!

So... I started on Metformin on May 6 (1.5 weeks 500 mg, then upped to 1000 mg) and started Duphaston (synthetic progesterone - acts on progesterone receptors in the body only and does not get converted to andorgens or estrogen) 10-day regime on June 1, finished on June 10. 

On June 12 and 13 evenings had some mild pains in ovary area. I even thought maybe this is a cyst breaking or something, never had it before, but never had sort of pain and discomfort in that area either.

June 14, yesterday evening (TMI ALERT!) before going to sleep and washing myself, slimy brownish-redish mucosa-like stuff came out (let's say spoonful). And today, June 15 woke up and had started mild period.

It's just day 1, so I'll see how long it will last or it will come down to just mild spotting. I used to have (huh, FIVE YEARS AGO!) periods for 4-5 days with first and last days being very mild. But slight lower back pains are here and it seems like real stuff. 

I give all the credit to the 50 pounds lost (and most of it this year!), being on healthy diet and exercising, being on Met now for second month and having tried Duphaston. Some action! After five years!

I'm not quite believing the periods from now on will be a regular monthly thing, but even if this keeps coming few times a year, I'm glad already for that, for starters!

To be honest, I thought I'd need to loose atleast another 20 pounds to even see one period or to even hope for it. But something has worked out. Maybe its the combo, maybe its just Duphaston. I don't care, I'm happy it's here and so proud of all the hard work I have done to get here.

Seriously, this is a bigger reward than smaller size, smaller weight or skinnier tummy. This is an indicator of possible health!

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