23 June 2013


Do I even need to say more?;) Well yeah, it's been beautiful time. Extremely busy time, but beautiful time. I spent a few days in town, then continued to South to have a job interview, visit a friends place and see more lakes and enjoy more sauna-time, ended up back in town to graduate and party til morning and now back to my place for the Midsummer night. That is the most important holiday of the year for us I think, the night won't get dark, the bonfire will burn til morning, lot's of shaslik, lot's of singing and games. 

Anyhow. Getting down to weight-loss. I think last week has been very much on-the-go: breakfasts are all super fine and healthy and then during the day cause of travelling, I end up with whatever is available or served by hosts. Good thing is, my friends are very acquainted with low-gi and keep it in mind when cooking and well, I help to cook as well. But still.. totally not counting calories and having a few beers or gin tonics here and there can lead to - maintaining. To balance it out I've been walking a lot and sleeping a lot and swimming a lot. I do, however, miss gym A LOT. I won't be back before second half of August to gym most probably due to travelling and budget, but still.. I really miss it and already am thinking how much better off my weight and muscles could be, if I kept going to gym daily or even 3 times a week.

But in general I still say, that May and June have been way slower in weight loss for me compared to March and April. Ok, yes, it's normal also considering 50 pounds lost, the rest will come off slower, and secondly cause I've been feeling very comfortable. New dresses, new pants, wearing high heels - all makes me feel very attractive and it shows when going out - men are just sticking! B U T - I have SO much more to go, so much more to work with my body and I do see some loose(r) skin on hands and tummy and legs that REALLY need some work. Just sunbathing won't do the trick, khmm!

Yeah, I've been enjoying the thesis writing, going through the stress of graduating and enjoying the celebrations of graduating, but it's time to FOCUS and work harder for the rest of the summer: end of June, July and August. In autumn the new breeze of wanting to do stuff will anyhow come and won't be a problem, I think. 

I still want to loose about 30-ish pounds (~15 kg) over the summer months and keep to my goals. That will mean hard work. 

So I'm planning this:
- start "religiously" counting cal's again
- continuously keep to low-gi (55/25/20)
- keep drinking water
- start morning exercising again and combine that with swimming, walking and other sports such as small jogs, badminton, volleyball
- if finances allow, go to gym every now and then when in town
- keep away from ice cream
- keep away from drinks (and really think about when to have some)

Yes. I'm around 256-259 now (yes, going up and down this week) and I want to be at 220-230 in September. THIS IS DOABLE and I will get somewhere around there, but I need to work harder!

So, this is me committing fully again!

Cheers and have a lovely Midsummer night, whoever celebrates that!

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