30 December 2013

happy end of 2013 and hello even happier 2014!


It's been a hectic year with quitting my job, dealing with my health and starting studies in a new country.. While it's been all crazy-loco time with having to look into my own thoughts and make the changes in not only my health but also other stuff.. 

The busy and highly inspiring semester of MA studies in uny over the last 4.5 months, with holidays back at home and lots of food (healthy), wine, socialising, hugging, laughing and dancing time, has all been highly rewarding. 

The year is approaching to an end and looking back at 2013 I have to say I am glad for many things:

- I've lost 50 pounds this year
- I've adapted low gi eating fully
- I've started sports (less in the last months since the move)
- I've changed my way of thinking about my eating, my PCOS and myself regaining a lot of self-confidence in many levels
- I've challenged myself in my career and studies and have been rewarded for it more than once in the last months by recognition and opportunities for future
- I'm a better and healthier me!

Sadly I'm not finishing the year with my this years lowest number which was 252 lbs, but with 256 lbs, and I'm happy with that. I'm proud I have maintained so well in the past months. 

I've lost in total 50 lbs (22 kg), 8 inches from my waist and many more inches from elsewhere. 

I've gone many clothes sizes down and even though I didn't reach my goal for this year (reaching 220-230 lbs, which I could of had I had worked harder in the last months, but somehow I was too tired) and I've been maintaining in the last months, I'm very proud of myself still and know that now with the end of the holiday season, I'm slowly rechecking my sports plan, sleep needs and calories intake. The school has been my priority and the stress with new environment has had it's toll, but I feel a lot of energy, wish and need to pursue my weight loss.

My food diary is finishing up for this year and already on Wednesday a new one is being opened, already waiting for the first notes;)

My goal for 2014 healthier me are as follows:

- reach my mid-goal #2 by end of January / 250 lbs, which I'm just 6 lbs away! (113 kg)
- reach my mid-goal #3 by beginning of April / 215 lbs (97 kg)
- reach my mid-goal #4 by beginning of June / 199 lbs (90 kg)

That will bring me with 1 year and 6 months down total - 107 lbs (48 kg).

Ultimately by end of 2014 I hope to be at much healthier weight goaling at around 175 lbs (79 kg) and seeing from there on how and what in 2015.

That comes down to loosing about 81 lbs in 2014, which is around 6.75 lbs per month. Sounds crazy? I don't think so. It's just 3 kg per month! And I for sure want to do the winter-spring in more extensive, give body bit rest and then go again. I've been sitting too much on my butt these last 4-5 months anyhow and my body is aching to get smaller with sports, to be able to run longer and have more energy.

Besides number the goals are:

- Keep my vitamin levels OK (again with winter dropping like crazy)
- Keep my water in-take around 2-3 litres per day
- Keep sleeping 8-9 hours per day
- Be more adventurous in my low-gi eating
- Be able to run longer distances
- Work more on my gym work out, since the skin is really loose under armpits, inner-thighs etc muscles need more!
- Start hirsutism next level treatment in spring (around 215 lbs)
- Wear more dresses and heels and lipstick, have more time outside, have more sex (yeah!) and read more books. Many more!

And continue being a happy me!

Cheer and have a wonderful end of this year and a great start for the new year!

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