31 December 2013

supplements revised

Cordyceps sinensis

Today I'm already 1.5 pounds lighter than a few days ago. January challenge has already started, muahh!

Bought myself today few fabrics for dresses as well. I'm turning into a total dress-girl. 

Made myself a concrete plan for workouts as well, taking up tai chi class in January and planned gym times and all, I'm so excited!

I must say also I spent hours yesterday at PCOS Diet Support webpage kept by Tarryn. I think it has been the best source for support and really useful information that I've found in years and is definitely one of the highlights of 2013 for me. That also reminded me, I should keep a better track of changes in my moods, measures, diet, water, exercise and supplements.

As Tarryn recomments on this blog post (read here bit of it, much more in the member area), I'm revising my supplements and am "religiously" sticking with my:

- Metformin (upped to 1500 mg) taken in two parts: morning and evening

- Vitamin D (2000 IU currently because of the absolute lack of light in my part of the world): morning
- Magnesium foot baths: some hours before sleep 3-4 times a week
- Omega 3 (180 mg EPA and 120 MG DHA daily): morning
- Infolic (4 g of Inositol and 400 mcg of Folic Acid) taken in two parts: morning and evening
- Cordyceps sinensis 3 capsules 2 times a day (total 1000 mg as total intake per day)
- Drinking spearmint tea, fresh ginger root tea, adding cinnamon to foods
- Still no birth control pills!

I've been bad with taking my Met lately as well as taking Omega 3, so these parts needed to be reminded to me and I'm adding infolic (combo of inositol and folic acid, since we don't have inositol here and it's impossible to order it as well).

About cordyceps sinensis - it is something that is never running through anywhere as recommendation for PCOS-ers, atleast I haven't found anything on it yet, but my acupuncturist has recommended it to me and with what he has explained me and what I've read, the perks of it are:

- strengthens immune system
- helps digestion
- balances blood sugar levels (works well for diabetics as well)
- helps memory functions
- helps fighting fatigue & sleep
- brings up libido levels (especially women) and in some research has helped regulate menstrual cycles
- and last but not least - activates liver work and helps to balance hormone levels in the organism (whoop!)

I have not found any specific research about cordyceps sinensis and PCOS, but with all of my reading and looking into its consistence and all, it seems like a brilliant thing for me. Definitely has made me feel much better. It is known well in Chinese medicine and used widely. I'm not taking it daily since 60 capsules costs 20 EUR (basically 10 days = 20 EUR), but I'm taking it every second month and so far have been enjoying it. Read bit more here (Wiki), here (WorldWideHealth) and here (in Estonian) and here (in Estonian). I'm no doctor, I have no medical background, so... This is something I have purely decided with my acupuncturist that would be beneficial for me. If You do want to try out cordyceps sinensis, I'd recommend talking to Your endocrinologist and/or acupuncturist about it first, who knows Your hormone levels, Your symptoms etc. My traditional medicine doctor's answer was that they are not allowed to recommend it, but she would advise looking into it (actually same suggestion she gave about inositol + folic acid question, since its not in their official list for PCOS).

Another thing I'm revising these days is protein intake. I'm becoming well aware of the fact that my protein intake has become lower than last winter-spring and I need to work with it. In Finland meat is extremely expensive and coming from organic eating, also the meats available at the shops are no good for me. They are processed, expensive and tasteless - I don't want to put that stuff to my body. So I'm looking again towards protein shakes. 

Anyhow, I've been looking a lot at Tarryn's menu's once again and taking loads of organic meat and fish with me for January-February, keeping it in freezer and eating that stuff much more. Will let you know if I find a good solution for healthy protein shake options as well.


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