04 January 2014

no doubt whatsoever

Been lurking around PCOS Diet Support page even more yesterday-today and finding some really nice people there. Feel like its a good and refreshing community for me, since a lot of my online-buddies at SoulCysters have gone silent or off the track lately. Once again I realised how important is the community support (thanks for reminding, Tarryn!) and also the feeling of being accountable for my actions in front of the peer community members.

And again and again, I'm SO motivated at the moment, that I wish I could carry this feeling with me through the rest of the year!

Today I drew up my exercise plan for January which includes 14 gym session, 12 swimming session, 3 tai chi sessions and planned health-walk in amount of 40 km (8 x 5km sessions). Excited to get back to Helsinki and start off. For now I've been just swimming and walking.. Miuh!

Also found new protein powders for myself after looking around for best quality-protein-carb share and price range. Previously I've been doing my own protein powder mixes with lots of goodies, but the taste of seaweeds started to get to me even with blending them with berries and such, so I went for commercial options for now.

First one is a protein pudding powder (in Estonian). Pack of 700 g costs 27.36 EUR and a portion (30g) has 24 g protein, 0.5 g carbs, 0.4 g fat and 3.2 g fiber.

The other one I started using is an organic powder (GMO free) option, protein powder (in Estonian). Pack of 300 g costs 21.65 EUR and a portion (30 g) has 25.5 g protein, 1.65 g carbs and 0.3 g fat.

Anyhow, feeling excited about this year and upcoming Monday's weigh-in. This week will still include one proper health-walk, one proper dancing night and lots of positive being with healthy food.

Also included in my wish-list for my birthday end of March: a dress just like Gwen is wearing in this music video:)

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