10 June 2014

Day 2

Today is all about this song, a million times on repeat.

Food: fully low gi; full calories intake (2100 cal), very fresh menu today and extra careful to have enough of protein. No sugar cravings. 3 cups of coffee.

Exercise: 45 min at gym (cycling, running, strength) exercising for 350 cal + 45 min walking in the city. I was surprised I had strength for running, but I did. With crazy rave music playing on my playlist, hahaha.

Meds/supplements: 1500 Metformin, 2 x Duphastone (day 2 + slight headache in evening), D3, cordyceps sinensis. Should also buy inofolic, but keep forgetting.

Also, bought a scale, various protein goodies and a new wok pan. Whoop!

Lettuce, basil, grape, watermelon, ham (very high on protein), avocado and old gouda cheese salad with a spray of olive oil

Trying out different protein shakes for after work-out. All pretty chemical, but helpful for getting my protein intakes up..  Should prefer shakes instead of these shakes of course. Organic powders are the way to go in reality!

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