22 January 2015

about ... everything;)

Heya there, 

This year I'll be posting monthly measurements, not weekly. So here's the ones from beginning of January:

Weight: 125 kg / 275 lbs (my starting weight was 138.8 kg = 308 lbs)
Hight: 173 cm 
BMI: 41.8
Waist: 110 cm 
Hips: 127 cm
Below chest: 100 cm 
Chest: 118 cm
Calf: 48 cm 
Thigh: 65 cm 

So, compared to some of the results in 2014, this is some kilos and centimetres up.. But! By now I've already lost few kilos back. I will update measurements and all that in February.

It's a pity I didn't manage to stick at around 116 kg = 255 lbs, where I was already both in 2013 and in 2014. But this is the cost of it, if one looses focus!

Also I've started to be more active about dry brushing my body. Here's one article on that. I've done it for years every now and then, as I have depilations and it helps to avoid ingrown hair after sessions, however I haven't been too regular about it. Now I've been doing it daily. Basically after having a shower, I wait for my skin to dry completely and I dry brush my skin by a recommended scheme for 5-10 min, after which I have a quick cold shower to wash off the dead skin cells and then oil myself with natural almond oil

I use natural organic oil (available in nature shops, pharmacies etc), as the pores are open then and I don't want to use cosmetics, creams or other on my body, that have chemicals in them. After dry brushing, ones blood flow is very active and the chemicals get into the system even easier! My goal for dry brushing is primarily to avoid ingrown hairs, but also to activate lymphs and blood circulation, get the skin better looking and bumbles and get rid of dead blood cells. Also, it is very important for people loosing weight, in order for their skin to renew itself better, to avoid loose skin.

What about body-hair?

Well, I'd say the situation was a bit better when I was training extensively, but even not doing that too much at the moment, the body hair situation is much better than at my starting weight. I give a lot of gratitude for that to healthy low-gi PCOS modified eating, low wheat and sugar and dairy products consumption and to regular depilation.

Now more detailed.

I go to wax depilation every 3-4 weeks. 4 is better, but sometimes for various reasons (social, personal life), a 3-week-one is needed. However, that will usually result in not as perfectly clean result. At depilation, I get for a very special price at my wonderful waxer, for 55 EUR: full legs + toes, full back, full arms + knuckles + shoulders, chest + tummy, butt + brazilian and eyebrows. That is around 2 hours of work. Normally, this would cost around 80-100 EUR, but since I go that regularly and she knows I have PCOS as a condition and I'm a rare case, she has offered me this great deal. I am extremely thankful for that.

I am always very satisfied with the results, as I get a very clean look and hair keeps regrowing slower and much weaker. 

Actually, the other day I realised, that the hair on my legs has changed completely. When I used to shave, and then let it fully regrow, it looked something like this:

Today, almost 4 weeks in after last depilation, this is the hairiest spot on my legs I could find:

I would say, this is amazing result. 4 weeks since last depilation!

I still have an issue with my back and shoulders area - these are more hormonal areas and hair groves back faster and is more showable if I'd clothe accordingly, but same time going to depilate it earlier is not quite doable either, as the hair is coarse and dark, but still bit too short before 3-4 weeks.

Now I'm thinking of trying to do legs and arms on my own at home with sugaring, just to give it a try. Its supposed to be less painful as well as with less ingrown hair. One way is to do it at home, but I just bought myself an organic box of it for 10 EUR, so will give it a try.

About the facial area, I'm finally building up a plan to go for laser. I found a clinic which has very good reviews and long track record. It is darn pricy though. 

Prices go as:

Face: 200 EUR x 1 time or 900 EUR for 5 times
1/2 back: 365 EUR x 1 time or 1500 EUR for 5 times
Full back: 530 EUR x 1 time or 2200 EUR for 5 times

The lasers they use are Cutera CoolGlide and Prowave, which both have good reviews around forums. 

The price sounds like mad, right? However, I'm thinking to try face area first and they offer long-term payment plans, for one year even without interest, so depending on how it goes and how it seems,I'm thinking giving a try for a 8-time-treatment first on face area and seeing from there. For me, though, even if I could go from shaving every few days, or in ideal once-twice a week, not daily like now and having a shadow by evening, would be HUGE success.

Also, doing something I've never done before.. I was sick for a week and home alone, so I let the hair grow in. Hadn't done that in long time. So here's a 5-day "beard" full on. No shame, right? Haha. Well, lot's actually. I've never had anyone see something like this, but as this blog here is for the community and for helping others also feel, that they are not alone out there, here we go..

Depilation or plucking has never been an option for me. My skin is too sensitive and hair too coarse. So shaving, has been the only way to go. However, as written above, this is a 5-day one. Naturally, when I shave it, no-one can even really tell and I constantly wear scarfs.

I hope to start laser in February. Good thing is, it is also allowed to shave in between and only thing I will do, is to just in case make sure to have 3-5 days after first laser off, in case there is a rash, bad ingrowing pimples or whatever when the first hairs start to "fall off".

I've also been re-evaluating my bathroom shelves. In 2010-2011 and then in 2013-2014, I didn't use shop beauty products really, lately the regular shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and such have sneaked back in. For the benefit of PCOS as well as general health and wallet, I've decided to go back to organic and natural solutions.

Washing hair:

So, to replace shampoo and conditioner, these are my alternatives:

Option 1 for washing: 1 tablespoon of salt, add 250 ml boiled and cooled down water, 5 drops of essential oil (e.g. lavender) - mix. This one is good for hair, which is not too dry. This mix should not be made in plastic cup, but glass, as essential oils react to plastic. Same for the following options.

Option 2 for washing: 2 tablespoons of honey (countryside honey, not shop honey!), 6 tablespoons of boiled and cooled water, 5 drops of essential oil, 4 drops of carrot seed oil

Option 3 for washing: 1 egg whipped up slightly in cup, adding 1-2 tablespoonfuls of hand-warm water, adding 5 drops of essential oil. Mix. For using this for washing, it is important not to wash hair with warmer than 38 C water, otherwise You end up with scrambled eggs in Your head;)

After-wash conditioner: 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar, add 250 ml boiled and cooled down water, 5 drops of essential oil - mix. This is a great mix for my curly hair.

Sometimes I also do hair masks either with coconut-honey combo, avocado-banana combo or honey-oliveoil combo. Or simply almond oil combo. Those masks usually stay on for about 30 minutes, I've never done them overnight. Natural conditioners are thus also almond oil, almond oil and coconut oil mix, castor oil

It always takes some time for the hair to get used to the change from quitting shampoo, but overall I can say, my hair ALWAYS looks better, shinier and not as dry, when using these natural options, so I'm glad to going back to these options!

Washing and moisturising my body and skin: 

I use organic body scrubs and water, nothing else. No shower gels, no soaps. After shower as I now want to do dry brush my body regularly, I will be covering it with almond oil and later washing it off with water, so no creams needed either.

Acne, pimples or other infected areas:

For these areas, mainly I get this every now and then on my face as well as sometimes on chest area, I put tea tree oil on it. Works like magic and it is nature's antibiotic and disinfectant.  

I still need to revise my dental care products as well as home chemicals: clothes washing, dishes washing, general cleaning products. I've used lemon and baking soda a lot, but now regular chemicals have creaped in again. I must get rid of them again and revise a bit what and how. 

Dark skin patches aka acanthuses nigricans

As I have.. ALL symptoms of PCOS, I also have acanthuses nigricans. However, that has improved so much, that is nearly a non-existent problem for me these days. The skin on neck is still the worst. Currently it is almost clear (see the third picture below), but whenever I eat more sugary stuff, sweets, fast-carbs, white wheat or anything such, it is fast to return mildly. However, compared to what it WAS (second pic) to what it is now.. It is basically gone. The bits in under-arms area has become very light as well. Groin area, too, though could see more improvement in my opinion. The area between breasts, disappeared first and has not returned since!

My key to success goes:
- eating low-gi
- not eating white sugars, white carbs (white bread, white pasta, white rice)
- no stress
- proper sleeping

To add, before the pictures - I don't have any picture of how it was before 2013, but You can take the 2014 picture level of the dark lining and multiply it by 3! It was AWFUL and I would never wear my hair up. I always wore a scarf, just to be on safe-side.

In 2013, after being on low-gi and exercise for 3 months - dark patch nearly gone!

In 2014, when I had 3-4 weeks of random eating! Dark patches returned very badly, but still not as bad as it used to be before (multiply this by 3, at least!)

Now, 2015 - nearly clean

Other symptoms such as mood swings, sleep issues, hair falling out, periods?

Well, I would say the more I exercise and the healthier I eat, the better I sleep. So I sleep fairly well, no complaints in that department anymore. Same for mood swings, I don't get irritated or as depressed anymore. I've stopped loosing hair from my head. However, periods have not returned and I don't expect them to before I loose at least 40 more kg. The only thing that starts my periods, is taking Duphaston. I do that only once a year, to endure periods, for health reasons, but no more. Duphaston is not a safe drug to take and is very chemical and can create many other issues for health, in my opinion and based on my research.

Supplements and medications?

At the moment I'm not on medications. I did one run of Duphaston in summer to get period, worked. However I haven't been taking Metformin for year and all I do, is fortified D-vitamin, Omega, cordyseps sinensis for energy levels & boosting digestion, magnesium footpaths for energy levels and inofolic. I'm due to an acupuncture session soon and also endo appointment to check my hormone levels and cysts on ovaries. 

What about exercise?

Well, to be honest, I've been very lazy on getting that started. I'm walking again more, I'm swimming, I've restarted gym sessions. I could be much more motivated on that though. My excuse is, at this moment, that my focus is on food and looks and exercising will have to fully rezoom from February, or I will have to kick my own ass, for being a dumbass, as Red Foreman from That 70's Show would say;)

My goal is to:

- 4 x swim per week
- 3 x gym per week
- walk much more
- start running at some point again

So what is the goal for 2015?

Well, I aim to loose 50 kg this year. That is, a kg per week. My goal for reaching by end of this year is 75 kg, to be in the healthy BMI. I am aware, I might not achieve this and I will be taking step by step. Also I am aware, that I might end up with loose skin, but - who cares. I'm getting older and soon my heart and body won't take this overweight as gently as it has so far.

For food, I'm following pcos-modified low-gi eating, choosing organic foods and trying to avoid lactose and dairy products in general.

And what about food? Well, here's today in pictures:

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs, 1 slice of bacon, fresh salad, bit of low-fat cottage cheese, wholegrain bread with butter, freshly squeezed orange juice and organic coffee with dash of almond milk

Snack: pear, banana and 2 spoons of peanut butter

Snack: banana, strawberry, kiwi, pear mix with bit of low-fat blueberry yoghurt
and a cup of mineral water with mint leaves and lime... mmm!

Dinner: fresh salad and cutlets of veal meat mixed with fresh onion, fresh parsley, fresh bell pepper, pepper, sea salt and mustard - tasted like heaven and cooked enough to be good for few more days for one of the meals!

And a fabulous brownie cake by low-gi recipe, adapted from Rick Gallop's recipe book. Can of beans mashed, added 1/2 cup of home-made almond milk, grounded vanilla, 2 eggs and mixed it all. In another bowl mixed 1/2 cup of wholegrain wheat flour, 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa, 1/2 cup of stevia, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, bit of sea salt, mix. Now mixing the two together and to the baking form, whichever you have. I sprinkled some almond slices and coconut on top. Oven to 175 C and about 17-20 min. Moisty, lovely and healthy cake! Could be also made gluten-free, simply not putting the flour in, but then it might be good to add let's say 2 teaspoons of grounded coffee beans for the kicks of it and adding less almond milk. For vegan option, egg could be dropped out and/or replaced with something suitable. 

So yeah, today was a good day. And here's a nice song to end it.


  1. Hi there!
    Just wanted to add to your homemade shampoo recipes...
    I make a "shampoo" out of chickpea flour (sometimes called Besan or gram flour), mix it 1:1 with water, add a touch of natural honey, and a couple drops of lavender essential oil. My hair is normally very oily, but I find that this mix gets the grease out and leaves my hair soft, shiny, and clean :)

    1. Oh, I hadn't noticed Your comment! Thanks for Your suggestion, I shall try it!;)))