26 January 2015

week 05/15: goals

Wintery Tallinn

I'm currently in Tallinn for 2 days. The snow is melting away, but still some light winter wonderland feeling is here. All cafe's and flower shops are selling hyacinths and tulips already. Now, everyone is waiting for spring. Spring is now just 2-3 months away. Yes! Spring with lighter clothes, lighter shoes, and more LIGHT.

New week calls for new goals:

- drink more water & less coffee
- eat more soups (started today with spicy coconut milk shrimp and mushroom soup with beans and chilly)
- not fail on eating while travelling and attending one ceremony-event
- go to gym x 2 this week + swimming x 3 + walk daily at least an hour
- start training for 10k (found these guidelines, that seem to fit me here)
- in ideal loose 1-1.5 kg this week

I don't expect to be able to run 10k in 13 weeks, but I will start training by these guidelines. They seem very reasonable and doable for me. My aim is to be able to run 10k in either May or September 2015 and to participate in few city runs over the summer or fall of this year. This was also my goal in 2013 and 2014. The best I could train up to then was 5k, now I wish to continue from that and really prove to myself, that I can this.

Also, lost 1.8 kg last week (3.9 lbs). I'm happy with the result.

Have a great start of a new week!

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