31 May 2015


Today has somehow been all about food and light and music. Got so much less done than I wanted to, but feeling OK about it. Did wake up early, but somehow.. Sunday's are just slower than other days:)

Had some friends over for brunch: omelette, rye breads, hard cheese, dried tomatoes (mmmm), fresh salad w. dash of olive oil, fresh orange juice, espresso and soy milk, peppermint tea, water melon and strawberries - life is gorgeous on a sunny Sunday!

Snacking on a protein bar and cup of black tea. I'm totally not keen on eating these protein bars, but they are my only "compensation" for sweets I guess. And to help upping my protein levels every now and then. Often, after a workout, or between meetings, I don't have time to eat properly and then I have one of these in my bag.. 
Late lunch with salad, minced chicken meat patties (nothing added, not even salt and fried without any oil or anything), 1 roasted rye bread in pieces, 1 sp of light mayo, tomatoes, 0,5 l of mineral water with squeezed lemon slices and for desert bit of watermelon, strawberries and grapes - omn!

Didn't get to swim or long walk, had to work and by the time I finished, it was raining and pool was closed, so waited till the rain ended, rainbow and sun came out and took a quick stroll around at a nearby island, total 2,8 km only. But meaning to wake up tomorrow early, to walk and swim before work!
And did some progress pics. Not sharing body-shots this time, will wait for more of PROgress, haha. My tummy is yelling for muscular workout though. 

But I was glad to see, my dark skin patches have reduced again. My neck is actually doing really well and the ones under armpits and between breasts have disappeared completely. The perks of not eating white wheat and sugar. 

Some older pics to compare:

Left: 2013, after being on low-gi and exercise for 3 months
Centre: 2014, when I had a 3-4 week of bad eating and no exercise
Right: January 2015 with healthy eating but no exercise

My neck is my indicator of my eating. It has always been. It lashes out first and takes longest to recover, when I've been "bad". Actually, the centre picture is not even the worst I've had. It's been much worse, when I've been off to a lot of stress and random eating. The dark patches mainly return because of wrong eating, not even the lack of exercise. My neck is something I'm always very self-aware about. I wear scarfs all the time, for my hair and for my neck dark patches. But maybe, maybe soon, this will be history?;)

About rest of the body hair, situation is pretty good. Depilation, as I've also written before, has made such a difference in my life. Had dep now a week ago (usually a full-body session with my "body square meters" takes 2-2,5 hours and I go every 4 weeks. I pay 55 EUR for full session which is a bargain, my dep-lady knows my situation and makes an extra effort on a huge discount. On the 3rd week I usually become self-conscious about hands and back though, that's when I "sneak" into pool and keep myself covered in those areas for sure wearing sweaters, long-sleeves or high-necks or whatnot.


And goals for the upcoming week. In a list. Cause lists make me happier;)

- to do exercise 6 x this week, out of which my goal is to have
- at least 4 swims and 
- walk min. 30 km, which is about 19 miles (4 x 8 km the circle of home > work > pool > home + 2 x round of walking either home or work.. or ideally both, haha)

- to eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks per day, instead of having all my cals in 2 meals like recently

- make sure to drink 2-2,5 litres of water

- keep food and exercise diary - yes, its annoying, but its more precise and works much better for me than "calculating in head"
- planning next days meals and cals previous night - let's give it a go, maybe it works?;)

- sleep 7-8 h, try to go to sleep by midnight

- try not to use computer at home, at least on 3 days out of 7 & 
- try to sort out my millions of recites and other junk piled in ... piles..;)
- do magnesium footpaths every other day & massage the acupuncture recommended spots for PCOS

Oh, it will be hard not to be lazy, but I will try! Somehow I feel a good wave of motivation is coming on.

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