30 May 2015

how easy it is to ... NOT TO... don't!

Today was a grand day in many ways.  I woke up with a feeling of tiredness, lack of motivation, ... Just the feeling of wishing to eat and do nothing else. Maybe watch a tv-series, eat some more, sleep...? 

Well, I didn't! I weighed myself, measured myself, saw in actual numbers how many inches have grown on with this winter... Well, not a surprise there. And went on a stroll.

3.25 km walk for 35 min (uphill a lot)
0,55 km swim for 30 min (medium pace)
4,2 km walk for 40 min

Exercise worth of over 1000 cal's. 

Also, ate well, ate healthy, kept my cal-diary and ended the evening with doing magnesium footpath and my foot massage, that my chinese medicine acupuncturist has given me to do 3-4 x a week.

Yeah, things are OK. Its easy to feel not wanting to, but every "lost" days is a delay of my better and healthier me. And today, I managed to keep that in mind. It's not easy to motivate oneself.. Its so much easier to not to.. Not to go out, not to eat healthy, not to drink water, not to massage my feet.. Just be. But.. It makes me only feel worse, and that's what I remind myself at those bad moments.

Tomorrow? Hell knows! But at least I plan to wake up early, do a 7-9 km walk, have a 30 min swim and see, where life leads me. I feel I'm not too eager to go to gym, so I need to do more walking. A lot more walking.


Breakfast: my special Chinese tea for PCOS + 2 eggs + sausage (leftover from a guest.. hmm) + salad + fresh orange juice + coffee with soy milk 

SUP season has started!

Blooming all over.. Smells like paradise!

Minced chicken patties, salad, tomato, tbsp of light mayo, tbsp of salty butter, rye bread, sparkling water with lemon

Dutch strawberries, not quite our own, but so wanted to have it! And few slices of cheese with that. Mmmmm. 

Oh and well, had snacks too today: bananas, apples, nuts!

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