29 July 2015

End of July. End of being lazy. Yes?

Heya there,

Its been over a month since my last hello and these weeks have been sort of semi-work, semi-holiday, which in end means its been a total in-betweener, which isn't always that great.

I was off to a great start, when a friend jumped in with a broken heart, another one joined and they all just sticked with me at my countryside. Two weeks in, I started looking for reasons to go to work, go to wherever, as the negative emotions were overtaking me, too, and from my Big Plan of having a Me-Me-Me and Family month of health and good activities, kind of.. Didn't happen. Of course, I can only blame myself, and perhaps I needed this weird month, too?

I've ended up being stressed, tired, restless, nervous and two weeks back or so started caving in more and more, sleeping a lot, feeling bit oozy. And here I am - down with flu!

A rather cold summer hasn't helped much either.

But, enough of this whining! Now being down with flu, has only kicked my ass to the max.
I'm tired when walking up the stairs, my body is swollen and I'm tired all the time! I remember I was like this 3 years ago, but this is not supposed to be me today, in 2015! And not to wait for September or New Years, when people tend to give themselves new promises, I'm here tonight, revising my ME.

I tend to do that often, don't I? Well, revising moments are helpful. Re-reading my eating literature, reminding myself of supplements, re-scheduling my exercise plan etc - it is my platform for rezooming, always, and even along the way itself. I've been lazy for almost 5 weeks, before that it was busy work time and so on - always some REASONS. Now its time not to be that lazy and get a good kick-ass start!


- Rick Gallop's low GI eating modified to PCOS (no dairy, no soy, limited gluten, aiming gluten-free)
- Eat three meals and two-three snacks per day
- Drink 2 litres of water per day
- Limited caffeine in-take
- Follow calories and keep a food diary
- Eating separate food groups: sequential eating and foods combining
- Not eating any too hot or cold meals (no cold water, no super hot drink etc)
- Food organic and full grain (meat is most complex in that department to get in winter time)


- Special Chinese mix tea for PCOS (acupuncturist)
- D3-vitamin 100 ug/day (high deficiency, typical for PCOS-er, also to help absorb magnesium)
- Calcium 1000 mg/day (to help absorb D3)
- Magnesium chloride (MgCl) footpaths 3-5 x week (for heart, fatigue, digestion)
- Omega3 (PCOS and to help absorb D3)
- B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 (PCOS)
- Inofolic 2 packets/day (no caffeine-drinks 2-3 hours before; PCOS)
- Heather tea (extract water from body)
- Peppermint tea (PCOS)
- Ginger tea with cinnamon (PCOS)
- Licorice root (PCOS)
- Acupuncture every 2-4 weeks (for getting moist out of body + activating kidney functions + relief of stress)
- Tui na massage monthly (relief of stress + activating kidney functions + remedy of low-back pain)


- Non for the time being, considering re-starting Metformin in October
- Considering taking Duphaston again 2-3 x year for encouraging periods (non at the moment on its own)


- Morning qi gong golden clock exercises 30-40 min 7 x week
- Swimming 30-45 min 3 x week
- Gym 3 different routines 60 min 3 x week
- Walking with walking poles 60 min 3 x week

Also planning to integrate raja yoga, need to take few lessons on that first.


- 8 hours per night, aiming to go to sleep by 23 and waking up at 7, in winter time waking up at 7.30/8


- Wake up at 7 AM, soon it will be dark again and then I can start waking up 8 AM
Kick off a day with


- No creams, cosmetics, artificial soaps and crap, all natural

E.g. instead of cream, I use almond oil, for washing my head I use different natural mixtures etc.

Now, let's get this going! Had a marvellous session of tuina massage today too, and feeling like a long sleep is coming up. I wish myself strength, courage, determination and health!

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