31 January 2016

day 5: walk, walk, walk

Today started with three rice-galettes + avocado smashed with boiled egg + salted smoked salmon slices + red bell pepper & newspaper

And was followed by a 5+ km walk.

All the 3-weeks-of-nonstop-falling-snow has melted and 
the air has a breeze of spring in it..

And all those left wooden houses around...

Yes, today was a good day. I went for a quick 5-minute jump out of home to by a measurement tape to take measures of my body, and ended up walking for hours in the wind and cloudy weather. All those thoughts in my mind that had been annoying me got sorted. And so many new places that I re-discovered. Window-shopping, homes-spying, looking around..  In my own bubble, completely.

After, I felt like meeting up with my best friend whom I hadn't seen in a month and we jumped to an Italian restaurant. Sounds dangerous? Nope! I ordered a healthy green salad with grilled zucchinis and slice of goat cheese, downed it with freshly squeezed sugar-free grape juice and smiled my way back home.

For dinner, oven-baked salmon with grated carrot on top of it - omnomnomn. What else could I want?

I've taken time tonight to read about PCOS new scientific researches, find new blogs to follow, look more into natural remedies of PCOS and just be. Feels good. Even though I've been in bed since 10 PM, suddenly its almost 1 AM and way time for me to go to bed, to get my 8 hour sleep and have an energetic day also tomorrow. 

I'm FUCKING (sorry for my language) happy to be back on track. I was at a dark hole as I was 3 years ago, and now I'm already sitting at the edge of that big black hole, waving my legs and having a smile on my face. It's just a start of the path to loose 150 lbs, but.. I'm OK with it. I have such huge power growing inside me and its only a small peanut, and yet I'm happy!

Also, signed up for three runs/walks (well, depending on where I am):

Haapsalu Marathon: 10 km (nordic walking)
SEB May Run Tallinn: 21 May / 7 km (nordic walking)
SEB Tallinn Marathon: 10-11 Sept 2016 / 10 km (running)


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