01 February 2016

day 7: eggplant heaven, new blogs and back to work

My new favourite breakfast. I think I'm becoming addicted!
Rice (or buckwheat) galette with avocado + boiled egg + bit of salt and pepper mix
with smoked salmon and ring bell pepper. I eat 3 of those and I am full until lunch!

Weekend which was supposed to be a lot of work in order to catch up with hundreds of urgent emails and zillions of unread scripts, ended up being a Saturday of walking and recovering and playing with a 5-year-old of my brother's and Sunday, a tour around forest for another walk with the 5-year old and two 63-year-olds. Snow, rain, ice - all. 

Woodhouses area - many houses left, many to be renovated, many being renovated.
And lots of yards under all the weight of melted snow.

We didn't walk so much of distance though. 3 km tops. Few hours later we ended up in a Georgian (country, not the state!) restaurant - oopsie? Well, could be, as Georgian food is rich, but went for healthy choices. Their style kebab is lamb grilled on fire with lots of herbs, lots of salad surrounding the meat on a (too big!) plate and a little treat of lactose - cup of kefir. Omn! What a delight. 

It's a gorgeous small place, which is run by a Georgian family. Always packed, even though it looks more of a bar or a pub than a restaurant. Modest, simple. Emphasis on food and friends, not looks. Which is quite untypical here. I'd say old town is packed with amazing looking restaurants, but service and food quality and price levels aren't quite.. It;) 

So there we were, three generations, eating lots of MEAT. And... Eggplant with garnet. Ohh! How I wish I could eat this every day. Haha. It is fairly healthy and can be something nice to replace eating ham or cheese or butter and similar on bread. Also works great on side of meat dishes to replace rice, pasta, potatoes.

Eggplant mix - this is so delicious! Google for Georgian recipes:
eggplant with walnuts and spices - omn! 
I promise to try out one of the recipes soon, 
to adapt it to max low-gi and post it around here.

My dad has arrhythmia and is pre-diabetic (genetic + life-long bad eating habits) and is eating fairly low-gi these days. He's lost 20 extra kilograms in the recent years. My mom had reflux and was overweight, but now looks like a young schoolgirl and has lost more than half of her size through divided eating: different food groups in different times. My little niece.. Well, she's five, over-energetic and a little miss Sunshine;) I think I and my mom stress about her eating habbits more than her parents do though. I from my side am worried that she might develop PCOS as her mom has it and as her dad might have the passive gene from our side, but now we were all just.. Worrying about meat getting eaten.

Our family has never had the habbit to eat out. I think for several reasons. Firstly, during Soviet times it wasn't a thing to do, and they were never too well-off to afford that. It was custom to have home-dinners, have family and friends over and not to be out for the public eye. People did go to cafes, of course there were also restaurants, but I think my parents are also very private people since they turned into their 30-ies. They had their rad-time in 70-ies and 80-ies and that was good enough;)

Once we became independant from Soviet Union, no-one had money to eat out;) And now, when it has become part of our society, they are too old to pick up the habbit. While me and my generation, are all about it. So slowly, I've been taking my parents out to eat in different places and learn to enjoy it. Not sure if they do, but at the Georgian place, they always do! I think this time I even heard my dad murmur like a cat, while eating;)

Home-made fresh juice is way better, but when that's not available - 
still a healthier choice than a bottle of soda!
It's all about healthy choices, right?

And of course not doing things one plans to do over weekend, leads to a panic on Sunday evening. 
Why I didn't do this or that? Why, why, why?;) Every week the same thing! And why do I still plan things to be done on weekend? Aren't they for rest? Well, not for me. As I work on flexible schedule and am more or less my own times boss, I don't work the full hours between Mon-Fri, so I do need to compensate on weekends from those looser hours on mid-week.

Its Monday night now. A day full of urgent emails, calls, meet-ups. And meanwhile in the back of my head its drumming: don't let the stress in. Don't get panicky. Don't get overwhelmed. Take it easy. You can do just what You can do, You're not superhuman. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Do. Chill. Eat. Drink. Don't forget to eat. 

... And so on and so forth.

I know something needs to change in my work-life, but I haven't FULLY figured out what yet. I love my job, but the stress.. Ain't healthy.

For own sake, food recording:

breakfast / 3 rice galettes + avocado & egg mix + salmon + red bell pepper
lunch / lamb kebab Georgian style + eggplant with walnuts spread
snack / apple + applepie (apples in oven, with 1 egg broken on top and bit of coconut palm sugar)
dinner / 2 rice galettes + eggplant with walnuts spread + apple
snack / hematogen (what is that you ask? read up at wiki

breakfast / 2 rice galettes + eggplant with walnuts spread
lunch / chilli con carne
snack / apple
dinner / 3 rice galettes + ham

Oh, by the way, discovered a few new blogs, too!

Surviving Shelby by Shelby K. - seems to be a kick-ass positive PCOS-er, whom posts I read for few hours last night. Got some good laughs and she seems an overly positive person, which is exactly what I like! She's also behind the PCOS Positivity group on Facebook, which I recently joined. After many groups I have unfollowed or unjoined for non-stop ranting and negative posts, this one I found to be quite uplifting. There's SOME rant too (well, I think its part of being woman), but its with a lot of humour and support, too;) 

Another one I stumbled upon and still need to read more, is Suddenly Imbalanced by Tamara.

I'm so starving for PCOS-related blogs, especially those who are training, eating healthy, trying to loose weight. Most of the blogs I used to follow have gone completely dead. Like C O M P L E T E L Y. Zero, niente, nada, nichevoo, kaputt, some of them since 2012. I hope those ladies are healthy and happy! I know for sure some of them have also become moms which is a VERY good excuse not to find time to chill around blogworld, haha.

Oh, and a post by Aviva Romm, who writes about PCOS natural treatment approach. A good post, in my opinion, even writing out dosages etc, which is questionable maybe a bit though, as I guess it does go by every persons blood-work and specific needs-issues-symptoms etc. For me a lot of that read made sense and was known. I realised a few nights ago also that there are sites that sell all ready PCOS-supplements in US, like this one for example: Natural Health Solutions for PCOS. Not too cheap, and no idea about their quality and origin, but I thought for a moment - how comfortable! They even write out all the needed info and compared to my research, the dosages their capsules provide, are very right too. 

I have to go to 3 different organic pharmacies or eco-shops in 2 different countries to get all my "dosages" and "cocktail" materials, and of course every time I re-fill it also costs fairly a lot. If I calculate, this site is more expensive than what I spend on my supplements, but still, it seems so comfy. I don't know anyone whose ever ordered from there though and how legit it is. Like whose behind it etc?

Oh, and, last but not least. Seems I've shred 3.3 kg this week. Which would be about 7.2 lbs. I think the scale's battery is getting empty or something, seems too much. But otherwise feeling good and face looks bit slimmer. Not to mention better sleeping, not feeling hungry and feeling more energetic since I joined the eating plan and re-commited to healthy-me.

Anyhow. Won't be weighing in for a while now. Don't have a proper scale in my other home, and I don't want to fall into the habit of starting my day with the scale either. I know if it will stop or won't jump down as much as it has been this week, I would be disappointed.

... And anyway:


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