24 February 2017

100 day challenge of 2017! / Day #5

Hey there!

Woke up feeling.. lighter. The knowledge of moving around more and eating healthy, is making me feel better, and more motivated. Going with my eating plan hasn't shown weight loss YET though. Its moving around the same figure and I'm waiting to break it.. I remember when I lost bigger amount of weight few years back, the first few weeks or even a month, my weight also kept sort of stuck and then boom, it started going down and going down fast. Maybe its the same thing. And maybe I should be exercising much much more..;)

It's been snowing, blizzard and all, so we have been walking quite a bit in the last days, enjoying the fresh snow. On Wednesday we did a 4-5 km walk, yesterday we hit the forest for 6-7 km and today we took our little niece and enjoyed a long stroll in the zoo. After a late lunch with buckwheat pancakes, I'm packing to go to the pool and gym for a quick one, even that already the walk today got me 800 kcal of energy loss. Another 500-1000 kcal at gym would be quite good, right?;)

I've started using my Platinet heart rate monitor again too. It motivates, for sure. Numbers have always been my thing. It doesn't keep track of my all-day activities, but I do use it for exercise and it helps me keep in the fat burning heart rate levels and show calories lost. I do wish it would show distances and/or steps too, but for the 25 EUR I spent on it, it has been more than enough, and its waterproof too and buying something more expensive, feels unnecessary.

I think tomorrow I'll try to join one of the aqua group trainings and get 10 km walk done. That would be superb!

I'm not too motivated to be training in the gym yet though. I feel I'm too weak for it. I still remember too well, how fit I was when I was going to gym few years back and knowing that I need to start from zero, is a bit of a drag. Oh la la.

The eating programme I'm following, is quite neat. Its concrete: here's Your meal plan for the day / week and gives options to replace some items, so its flexible enough to put it to match with my low GI and PCOS needs/self-limitations. The programme doesn't show the calories or the food group balances, so for the time being, I insert all the data also to a calories counting system, to make sure, food groups are balanced and that the calories amount eaten / moved / the deficite, are in good balance and to balance out again the exact formula that suits me the best. I think it helps a lot to see those numbers behind to be able to analyse in future, why sometimes weight gets stuck or why it moves down faster and so on. Again, I'm a numbers person..

We're celebrating Estonian Republic's 99th birthday today, so something sweet tonight will be in the cards, too:

I've adapted the recipte to the max. Eggs, coconut flour, berries, coconut cream, quark (kohupiim), stevia, vanilla. Sounds good, right?;)

Yesterday I also did avocado chocolate mousse, which was simply PERFECT and so healthy, so healthy.. Trying out new recipes and spending more time in kitchen, is by far the best while on the road of weight loss and being healthy. At the moment I also have enough time for it. 

Anyway, off to the pool and gym now! Or if not gym, then pool for sure!

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